Who did you see on Tech TV?

Lets see… who did I notice,
(keep in mind I missed the first 15 minutes of the show :frowning: )

Big Mike
Jason Morella
Benge Ambrogi
Gary Fields
Steve W

make sure to add to the list! :smiley:


That’s all I saw, but I sware I saw Bill Beaty… anyway…

Anyone notice that the show was copyright G4 Media, Inc? Geeze, comcast is hostile…

Matt Leese
Dean Kamen
Sir Charles
Mike Aubry

Ooooh yeah! I was in there somewhere!

No one! :frowning: (And I can’t even blame the cable company… We don’t have cable. :rolleyes: )

Add Steve Kyrmarios to the list

I saw Paul Copioli in there twice talking strategy. They were short blurbs, but he was there.

I saw Joel Glidden.

He’s in a purple shirt in the pit behind the Muses in one of the later interviews.

Dave Fereira was in the opening for “Let’r rip” on his segway… so everytimg Let’r rip plays you get to see… (heard from Matt Goulart… i have it tivo’ed and will check its vaildation tommrow =D)

Whoa, I caught the 2AM showing last night. Not the greatest broadcast, but it’s nice to see some familiar faces.

Since 395 was one of the teams they spotlighted I saw:
Wayne (395 coach, Columbia U student, former Thunderchicken)
229’s entire drive team (we were 395’s partner in the first match they show)
Myself (again, randomly associated with shots of 395)
254’s drive team

I also saw:
Eric O wandering in the pits looking lost (my wonderful roomie, and 229 team leader)
and a whole bunch of others who have mostly been mentioned already.

Woooo… I was on TechTV. I feel so special. :wink:

i didn’t get to see it
but i heard that the only s.p.a.m. member to be seen was our engineer’s little boy-- austin jones

all well- glad the aired the show–too bad i didn’t see it

hey does anyone have a digital copy or vhs copy of the show, i missed it but would love to see it.

Ditto on that. If someone can mail me a VHS tape, I’d be happy to digitize it and upload it somewhere. PM me and we’ll see what can be done :]

Ditto Ditto on that, I completely forgot it! Digitize someone? please?

I saw Frank(WGH) and The Paco, Team 48’s robot drivers. Frank was the kid wearing the yellow pimp hat (c.f. ugly picture of me above) in the player station early on. Our robot even showed up for a couple seconds.

I was in there at the end in the background with George Lazar and Greg Christman, two of our teachers.

I’m pretty sure I saw MOE on there. I’m positive MOE was on CNN though. :cool:

I saw one of my teammates ‘heeling’ (rolling on heels) down one of the pit areas. :smiley:

ITS ON RIGHT NOW 6:18 eastern standard time 5-22-04!!! CHECK IT OUT

I HEARD TJ WAS ON IT!!! I am going to have to catch a rerun soon… I have to see it…

on again now…