Who do you send for alliance selection?

Just wondering. Do you guys send the drive captain, the lead scout, or what? Just wanted to see what you guys did.

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When I was in high school, I was the one sent out every time for my last 2 years when I was primary driver and then drive coach.

Now on 246 we send whoever we think won’t get freaked out under pressure, but not usually a lead scouting person. They’re usually in the stands for last minute changes.

Lead Student Scout with their pick list 28 deep its their role during the competition, they have had two full days of observations and input from all scouts and the drive team and diligent made their top 28 list for us. This role is typically filled with a different student every year and in competitions. The team fully supports their list.

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Usually the drive coach, sometimes the lead scout.

In the past, 865 have had our business person go up with specific instructions just because he presented well but recently we have been sending the head of strategy up who is communicating constantly with the head of scouting.

At 5085, we usually have our driver go on the field.

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Sometimes the lead scout, sometimes the driver. At champs, we would usually send a senior who was more than likely one of the aforementioned anyway.

Lead scout since we took scouting seriously in 2017, but before that it was the main driver.

We take turns cycling through people who are interested in doing it (we whiteboard, so it lets more people go to the field). If we aren’t sure how the picks are going to go, we’ll send someone with good people/negotiating skills so we can best provide scouting input to other picks.

I’m a head ref. There is a meeting immediately after the selections are done, when I meet with the alliance captains.

I typically see 0 or 1 new faces, scouting captains who were not on the drive teams. The other 8 or 7 were on drive teams.

Once in a while there might be more than 1 scouting captain, but overall I’d say at least 80%, probably 85%, of those making the selections were from drive teams.


We usually send our scouting captain for alliance selection, and he is on the phone with a member of drive team and they discuss teams.

We have always just kinda said, “hay how about you do it,” and that student usually fills the role for the season. This is not based on us thinking scouting is unimportant but really the person only has to stand there, look pretty, read something off a list, and say “heck yea” if we get picked. It’s not too difficult.

We send our lead scouter

we send our team captain that we don’t have in the pit. we have co captains and generally one is in the pit and the other is scouting or on drive team.

We prefer to send a member of the drive team so they’re there for the head ref’s meeting. Scouting people may be utilized better by doing last minute checks on any team we would plan to pick, just in case something went wrong at the last second.

For us what we do is that for most scenarios we have a senior reliable member on the team sent up and we call them from elsewhere, while the Scout Master, Driver Coach, and Head Coach are off to the side relaying information for first picks. Sometimes at off-season events we just send up the Scoutmaster with a list to make the choices.

We’ve always sent the driver who is usually also the team captain. We have a group chat and thats where the scouts type all the robots in different categories from best scoring to low (scale-bots, switch-bots and vault bots in 2018). Then the driver on the field crosses teams off as they go.

Since I’ve been on the team, we have sent somebody from the driveteam. This is mostly because they are one of the more confident people on the team, are use to communicating with other teams (we have had some people from our team say some pretty stupid stuff) and typically know the data and can improvise for later down the list when coordinating with our 1st pick.

Team captain. We now have 2 co-captains, one for Robot and one for Chairmans/Business, we send the Robot Captain.

We send either one of our heads of strategy or a “warm body.” Someone who used to be involved in strategy in some way, but will mostly just look to the white board in the stands. We use the warm body approach when we either know who our partner will be or know we will be an alliance captain.
Even when we send out one of our heads of strategy, we are still communicating with them with a white board or via text during alliance selections with input and advice. I think it is very important that whoever is up there not feel alone, that’s how panic picks happen.