Who do you think are the most identifiable teams?

I was wondering what teams other teams think are the most identifiable in FIRST? What makes these teams identifiable?

My votes go to

I’d say 47 is pretty identifiable, if for no other reason that this little piece of cyberturf we’re standing on.

And of course, who can forget 21 and 180?

Oh, and 1398 is making a name for themselves.


[edit] 639 was very noticable last year at the Canadian Super Regional with our 9ft tall red and white banners, red scissor lift, red carabiner (tulip), and red lexan sidings. [/edit]

i agree 25, can’t miss those Island Shirts

In no particular order:
Team180 SPAM and their Capes
Team 21 Combat with their bat like moves
Team 34 Rocket City Robotics with their Rocket shaped LED displays

Here are few teams…


some of them were mentioned before…

88 TJ^2

if the tie dye doesnt catch your attention, and the clown wigs slip by, you can hear them from miles away. A 5 gallon water jug with a few nuts and bolts can become a noise maker of mass headaches. That and they have a massive team, all the better for them, i broght ear plugs afer the second day of bleeding from the ears.

LOL :slight_smile: My team has been forbidden by we 3 captains of making so much noise, cheer yes, i encourage it, but the megaphones and air horns are out.

How about the big yellows smiley faces?

MOE, without a doubt, the most identifiable of them all
behind that 47, 45, and a few others

Well and 116 has the most identifiable engineer of any team, but the team as whole, not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

MOE and Wildstang definitely stand out in any crowd!

Don’t forget the west coast… we’ve got 254 and 330, as well as 60 (not really west coast, but still…)

And, as Ogre pointed out, 175 is pretty easy to recognize with all of the yellow smileys.

Great, just what’s needed here. Another popularity thread. :rolleyes:
Ah well. I’ll play along.
There are over a thousand teams and it’s getting increasinly difficult to stand out in the crowd. Teams that sill manage to are…
47 Chiefdelphi with their jumpsuits. The closest to a true unifom I have seen in FIRST.
233 Space Coast team. Far as I know there are no otehr teams in hot pink.
25 Raider Robotics. Not only for thsoe Hawiian shirts but now they are armed with air cannons and putting hits out on people and shooting them on sight( now that I am aware of thier brutal intentions I shall prudently move in the other direction quickly when they are spotted. Survival y’know).

[quote=Koko Ed]Great, just what’s needed here. Another popularity thread. :rolleyes:
Ah well. I’ll play along.

I wasn’t trying to make another popularity thread, I was just wondering who thought what teams stand out the most. Teams can stand out in a crowd and not have an awesome robot, but it shows they have fun in what they do. :slight_smile:

Also this thread could help rookie teams form an identity for them selves by looking at all the teams that have been mentioned already and the ones that will be mentioned later in this thread.

I forgot to mention team 47 on my list, I can see there jackets everywhere at Nat’s.

What about teams that are identifiable by their robot? My team is too small to be noticed much by our cheering section or shirts. Everyone remembers the Grasshoppers by our ability to pick up balls :wink: from the 2000, 2001, and 2004 games.

I always recognize Buzz by their white-lexan with yello smiliey on their bot.
Discovery is easily IDed by their green robots, as is 885.

Here is my list (and why):

Wildstang - the original tie-die always is easy to identify
MOE - bright green, very recognizable
Chief Delphi - thanks to the uniforms, the great team, and the website
Space Coast - hot pink
Huskie Brigade - urban cammos. (I don’t like saying my own team, but I would have siad this last year before I joined them).

I think a better question is:

Is there a situation where you can’t see MOE coming from across the building?
That green really makes you see them coming.

Team 233 was one of the most identifiable to me, even before I joined them. That hot pink really stands out from all the red, black, blue, and green. Also, 47 and 111 have been very identifiable for a long time due to both their colors (orange and tie dye) and their always having very good robots.

yes, i was about to say 233

Watch out for 759 at NYC this year, you wont be able to miss us… our t shirts are something special, with our British flag being a rather major part its going to be along the lines of this i think. (but as a short sleved t shirt, not a sleveless)



No doubt 47.

Our team stands out in our purple shirts. Our schools colors are purple and gold.

id have to say definitly MOE, 47, and Wildstang.