Who do you think is the best bet to win the Chairman's Award at the Championship?

Everybody always talks about what robot is going to win the championship but no one ever brings up who they think will win the Chairman’s award.
I mean all you get for that is admission to FIRSTs Hall of Fame, who cares about that? :rolleyes:
So now we have 30 canidates who do you think is the best bet to achieve FIRST immortality the weekend of April 21st in Atlanta? And why?

What’s that? 384? :wink:

Nah, I highly doubt that we’ll win, but just being up there with these guys is amazing!

My bet? Eh, well, I’d say 60, followed by 365, followed by 341. Of course, watch 79 win it and prove me wrong…

I have to wait til the end of the week to post my official choice but there are a couple of odd facts to consider…

  • First until last year FIRST had some sort of odd bias against team numbered over 200 when it came to the Chairman’s award til the Cheesepoofs broke through. So will FIRST go past 300 this year? Will they make it past 1000?
    -Secondly the last two Chairman’s award winner were in the same division that we were in (Cybersonic in 2003 and the Poofs last year) so now we are like some sort of good luck charm for the Chairman’s award. :smiley:

Come next week I’ll actually do some research and give more thought to who I think will be the newest FIRST Hall of Fame member.

Hey Koko Ed !

Should we say don’t vote for yourself? That would make things more interesting. But, I don’t want to make rules for your thread.

So what do you think?

If I were to vote for a team other than 341, I would say Team 236, TECHNO TICKS!! They run a great program.

Best of Luck to all of the 30 Chairman’s Teams in Atlanta!!!

Al Ostrow
Team 341
Miss Daisy

Nah if you want to vote for yourself I say go for it. As a matter of fact do so and give us CDers a good reason why your team is worthy of reconition. Everyone should know your stories.

I’m hoping for 365! They do a TON of work. I got to see their yearbook and talk with Melissa and Kyle about their submission. It’s incredible, and they really deserve it.

My vote would be for 60. They have a truly amazing organization and were truly deserving of the award at our regional.

This may not be a great answer, because I do not know about all the teams and each of their extensive programs that make these teams so great. But if I were to pick who is going to win this year based on what I know, I think team 341 will join you in the hall of fame Koko. My second guess would be team 365.

I’m putting my bet on 67. The name is virtually synonymous with FIRST, they are the epitimy of FIRST. Their program is run efficiently and they just flood every part of the requirements. I know that there are a lot of teams shocked that they haven’t gotten it yet.

Well not to toot our own horn, but I’m going to take Ed’s advice and tell you why 11 deserves to win.

They started their program in 1997 with less than a dozen students, 1 teacher in the back of a wood shop. They barely had any tools, no heat, little experience, and even less support from the school/township.

Since then they have grown into one of the largest extracirricular activites in thier school. They have grown so large that their robotics program is the first class to fill up during registration, and they even helped pass a new school referrendum (sp?) to get the team a new lab to work in.

They also have started dozens of lego league teams, they hold the New Jersey state Lego League Tournament every year which hosts over 60 teams. Bill McGowan (their mentor) won Volunteer of the Year for the Mid Atlantic (Now New Jersey) Regional in 2003. They even hold camps every summer to teach kids FLL and Robovation. Team members go to elementary schools to get younger and younger kids excited about robotics, Also they have started a sister team (1302) and helped lead that team to success (finalest in Palmetto in 2004)

Aside from being fully immersed in FIRST they also give back to the community. They raised money for tsunami victims, and “adopted” troops overseas. They were asked by a local organization who helps people with disabilities to have the team make a device that would allows disabled people compete in sports. They do displays at schools and even did a demonstration at the local movie theater to spread the word of FIRST and at last word that demonstration may lead to several new teams’ inceptions.

So that’s just a piece of why I feel 11 should win, but with such competition like 111, 233, 365, 79, 48, 341, 694, 60, 342, 236…just to name a few it’s going to be a nailbiter to the end.

I’m going with 236.

If they don’t win after pulling off a threepeat at UTC, what more can they do?

This is the first anybody has actually given a reason why they should win the award. Good for you. I can throw out plenty of numbers and say they should win the award but the question is, WHY? Just saying that they run a great organization tells us nothing. it’s all in the details. Tell me why 341 should win over 60, or 11 over 79. Please turn this tread into a toot your own horn thread, we can all learn and grow from all of the Chairman’s award winners. It’s not like you’re saying that your robot is the best, you’re giving all teams a blueprint for how to run a better organization.

Going back to Ed’s point of breaking the 200 barrier, has anybody else noticed the number of 300 level teams winning at the regional level this year? 0-299 have 10 winners, 400+ have 12 winners, and the 300 level teams alone have 8. That’s pretty good representation for the Rookie class of 2000.

I’m not going to sleep on 342, personally. They had honorable mention last year at the Championship, and they seem to have done a sa-weet job at reaching out this year. I don’t remember the entire judges’ citation from the awards–I’ve slept eleven hours since–but for a sampler, they added visually handicapped students to the team, and wrote software for them to be able to drive the robot. And there was plenty more that I’ve since forgotten.

That might be a South Carolina bias, but that’s me.

1006 probably won’t win, but we have a shot at it. We are a 3 year team with 2 rookie all star awards and 2 Chairman’s Awards under our belt.

I’d say any of the teams that have won regional chairman’s 3 years in a row.
236, 79, 341, and any others that I may be missing.

My vote is going for the Florida team … The Navigators (team 79)


Every single regional Chairman’s award winner has a shot at Nationals. Every single team has done a great job. Other than team 79, I (personal opinion) think Techno Ticks, followed by team 365 would win.

… But anything can happen.

My picks would be 79, 60, 111, or 341. All great teams with great programs that go way above and beyond most FIRST teams.

Hmm… :idea: Fantasy FIRST Chairmans Award League… :]

my pick is on team 65. ha ha ha. no for real i think we have a really good chance of winning it this year. but if we don’t win i think that team 111 is going to win it.

Just so ya know - the contenders are…

11, 48, 60, 65, 67, 79, 111, 118, 233, 236, 340, 341, 342, 358, 365, 368, 384, 393, 501, 503, 694, 812, 842, 931, 957, 1002, 1006, 1014, 1108, 1241

No matter what the results are in 3 weeks, I’m proud to be included in such a distinguished group.

Incidentally, 812 won last year’s Engineering Inspiration Award, which is the 2nd highest award that FIRST offers.