Who else is really, really tired?

Hey everybody, I just realized that when we finally got our robot in the crate, and it was being put on the truck, soemthing happened, and all those weeks of not sleeping suddenly caught up with me it seems. I was just suddenly so very tired. The adrenaline wore off or something, but now im gonna sleep for a solid six weeks to make it up. That and try to fix the relationships with people and teachers I messed up. :frowning:

i feel EXACTLY the same way. Ive been sleeping since my 5th hour class, i just now woke up, and im exhausted again.

My legs began cramping immediately and I limped around for the rest of the day.

Be careful with that thought…or you will miss the regionals and all that time building the robot will be wasted.

It’s amazing how rested on gets when you take an 8 hour nap in the middle of the day. (No more all-nighters next year, I swear!)

I didn’t do nearly as much work in the past weeks as I would have liked to. (Perhaps next year I’ll be more experienced and better able to help the team) But still, the late nights are catching up to me. But I’m taking the advice of someone with wisdom beyond his years…“Sleep is for the weak. So take naps!” :wink:

Sweet dreams (until regionals, at least) everyone

I am just getting started. This is the real fun all-nighter. I was working on the robot late last night and now comes the all nighter to do all the homework I have been neglecting for the past week. And once again I am posting on Delphi after I space out from the problem I am working on. Must concentrate :ahh:

Yup, tired as ever. Thank goodnessw for snowdays though! I got off of school today, and I get a two hour delay tomorrow. All my sleep/ work is caught up with, or is getting there. Joy.

Every year, the day after ship and the day after nationals, most team members coincidentally fell “ill” and weren’t at school. :wink:

When I got home from nationals my freshman year, I went to bed at 7 pm and woke up at 9 feeling pretty refreshed. I wondered why, after two hours of sleep, I felt so good. I went to talk to my mom and I had completely slept through the next day- 26 hours!!

Weeks one and two were fine, still had enough evenings off to make up for lost sleep, was most likely a tad bit grouchy on the mornings after a meeting, but a little bit of caffeine took care of that… ah, who am I kidding, I’m almost always a little grouchy in the morning…

Weeks three and four were borderline, had less time off, and the time that I did have off was spent doing boring things such as bill paying, laundry and what not. Tended to be very agitated at work, and less sympathetic to homeowners and their sob stories about why they couldn’t get things done in two years time. I’m sure I earned a few more nasty nicknames in the community.

Weeks five and six were interesting. Life broke down to work, robotics and sleep (with eating and bathing slipped in between each event). Became a bit robotic at work, doing everything on autonomous mode. Became very reliant on caffeine to get me through the day. Short term memory became undependable, things ended up placed in unusual places (peanut butter in the linen closet, milk in the microwave, and I’m not even going to try to figure out how my hairbrush ended up where it did). Emotions swung wildly, from utter devastation at the slightest mistake to a giddy hilarity over the silliest of things (such as getting dressed for a meeting and laughing hard enough to cry after looking down and realizing that I was not going to be able to get my jeans on over the boots I had already put on).

It wasn’t just the lack of sleep that caused such tiredness, I normally get between 5 and 6 hours of sleep a night and do fine. It was the lack of personal time, time to do nothing but read or stretch out on the floor and listen to music or work on things for fun without the worry of a deadline. And I can tell I’m still tired now because I’m rambling…


“We are such stuff
As dreams are made on and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep…” -Shakespeare

Same here…I was actually supposed to go to a meeting today to continue working on the programming. I stayed home for three reasons:

  1. I was supposed to work on a group project for school (that fell through, though)
  2. I’ve had a huge headache for most of the day (Motrin works wonders…)
  3. The most important one of all: I needed a chance to relax and recharge
    . As much as I like FIRST, anyone gets tired after six weeks straight of something. :slight_smile:

Time to go back to relaxation…

I am dead tired … my eyes are burning … so badly that I was actually crying earlier … and i fell asleep in class (my parents made me go to school) … i didnt get a good night of sleep last night and wont tonight either because I am so far behind !!!

Our room was a mess after we shipped our robot. So we got to clean it even though we were so tired. I guess a night of long sleep wouldl wash away my exhaustion.

umm yeah— of course-- i barely can keep my eyes open they hurt like hell—whatever

between robotics and school work that’s my life and no sleep and even thought the bot is shipped i get no sleep to much papers-- urg to junior year in IB

whatever but i still want SLEEP

I got two and a half hours sleep (a half hour, then two hours) and then i had to go to class. Of all classes… Poetry and British Literature. I was fighting to stay awake, nay, CLINGING to consciousness at that point. I pulled crazy hours all week.

Last night, I got six hours (that’s sleeping in for those of you who haven’t seen me online at five in the morning on a normal basis), this afternoon took a three hour nap, and I can’t stay awake for anything. UGH.