Who from these web forums did you 1st spot at a FIRST event & introduce yourself to?

I stole “B to the izz-illfred’s” idea here and flipped it.

I am still trying to remember who I first recognized and where… I’ll get back to you on that.


I think for me it was Kristina Doan from 691 at one of the SCRRF events.

I’ve recognized many people, but the first person I introduced myself to was Brandon Martus at the tailgate hosted by 217 at nationals this year.

Probably either David Kelly
Amanda Morrison
DJ Fluck

I met them all at Nationals this year…good times for sure

Well not so much spot, but more like walk by and get then get smacked by, but it was Katie Reynolds and Chellyzee both from team 93

well, i typically get introduced via mediums of other people(and not always my dad), but I think that would be George1083, not sure though.

Ricky Q. back at nationals in 2002.

Hmmm… my first 3:

  1. Jess Boucher - UTC 2001
  2. Anton Abaya - UTC 2001
  3. Dave Kelly - Cleveland 2002

Well, my story is kinda complicated.

I met random guys from ComBBAT at Palmetto who were on Delphi, but I never knew their names. (If you talked to a kid in a 1293 shirt on Thursday morning before the doors opened, then that was probably me.)

Then there was Kelly, then of the Firebirds…then again, that wasn’t a formal introduction. It was more like here’s us, here’s them, hey.

I guess the first time I officially introduced myself to anyone on these boards was David Kelly on Wednesday night in Atlanta. Not that I knew him from here at that point, since I really didn’t get going here until after the Championship. But it’s proof that all sorts of odd things can happen if you stick your hand up for real-time scoring.

And by the way, it’s Billfred. One word, no extra capitalization. (other acceptable spellings are Billfrizzle, B to the izz-illfred, illfredBay, and Billfreezyfosheezywithaglassoflemoneezy.)

I’ve met punarhero, but that was before I was on ChiefDelphi.

Then again there’s RudimentaryPeni, but he’s on my team, so I don’t think that counts. :rolleyes:

I first met Astonouth7303. Well, actually, he came and found me at the Buckeye regional. I also saw PitBull1126 at the Buckeye, but I was busy at the time and didn’t introduce myself. (1126 was loaning us an encoder after one of ours went flakey on us. Thanks! :D)

I lucked out and found Amanda Morrison and Brandon at the First Store, just before the web hug in Atlanta.

Side Note… At a later point, I watched Brandon walking around and nobody seem to know who he was. It just blew my mind.

The first person I have actually gone up and introduced myself to is Big Mike. I suspect he’s the only one I’ve actually approached and introduced myself to from these forums, as I often talk to lots of people and never mention my name.


Andy Baker, at the Buckeye Regional in 2002. I’d made a deal with him to acquire an additional Chiaphua gear, and went to the Technokats’ pit asking “where can I find Andy Baker?” So, he was definitely the first. I can’t count how many people I’ve introduced myself to since then.

I’m honored… or that means there there will be photoshopped pictures of me in my future…

Elgin Clock is on my team so I won’t count him.

It would be EddieMcD at UTC this year. I was heading back towards my team’s pits when I saw him. Even if I was blind I don’t think I would’ve missed all that lime green! :smiley:

What? Did I hear you right? You would be honored if I photoshopped pictures of you in the future? Well, I can hardly disappoint such a wonderful FIRSTer, I’ll let you be an Oompa Loompa along with Dave:


“Oh, you should never doubt what no one is sure about.” -Willy Wonka

Yeah, that green does stand out, but on the plus side, you can safely cross a busy highway with me. :smiley:

Back on topic, I’m going to respond with the same answer I did in the other thread: 2001 Nationals. I met so many people from Chief Delphi those three days, that I don’t actually remember who I spotted or who spotted me, so it’s only a partial answer.


You had to give her ideas, didn’t you? Makes me glad I can always fire back at her if she ever does it to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the first student that I knew from the forums and met (that I can remember) was Jtosh Hambright, way back in the day (at least, if he wasn’t the first, he is the furthest back that I can remember). I met a whole ton of people at the 2003 IRI, so it’s kind of hard to really remember. I think the first mentor that I met from these forums was JVN… when he handed me a camera and asked me to take a picture of himself, Andy Baker, and Big Mike.

Wow! Someone ‘lucked out’ by meeting me. :slight_smile: It was awesome to meet you!
I have a funny story about meeting Brandon… I didn’t know whom he was either until someone whispered and pointed him out to me. I was too scared to really talk to him, knowing who he was and all. So instead of a formal introduction, I ran up to him, said, ‘Hi! I’m Amanda Morrison, it’s nice to meet you.’ and practically ran away. The whole day, I got to brag that I met Brandon Martus! :slight_smile:

Hey, i can take it, i love funny pictures even of me, team25 has made quite a few…

-Big Mike
oh how nice it would be to be a midget with green hair