Who gets class credit for FIRST?

I know our school does not know if we exist. But anyway who gets credits for doing FIRST?

not us either


well, i am getting class credit for first, only because i’m in a science research class at my school, and my teacher is a mentor. she’s basing my whole grade for a quarter on robotics (so i get an A, cause i programmed most of the robot) :D. i know next year my school is making an R&D class for all robotics related competitions.

I don’t either. We don’t even get any money from our school, we get a room of our own, and the lower cafeteria at practice time.

we got the school to give us some money, but we only have one shop room which isn’t all that great. we got the robot built though, so i can’t complain.

We are going to have a class next year.

At Pontiac Central: Team 47 we have a class second semester called FIRST. The students work on the FIRST project and learn associated things. We also have a new Pre-Engineering class that many of the students are enrolled in.

All are elective credit.

We’re having a FIRST class next year… the first half of the year will be “Fundamentals of FIRST” and the second half is just “FIRST”. I guess you can accumulate 2.5 credits over the course of 4 years - half per build you participate in and half for “Fundamentals of FIRST” - which you only have to take once. This will be part of the new ‘Tesla Charter School’ opening in our high school, as a direct result of participating in FIRST

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Students now have the option of taking a class at Huntington North High School called Manufacturing Robotics were they can get credit for working on the robot.

Students on Wildstang Team #111 must enroll in the robot class to be on the team. We have some decent support from the school district (in addition to the schools/ Wheeling H.S. and Rolling Meadows H.S.)and have several fans on the school board as well. Students will meet for a minimum of three hours each Monday night (through the fall) where all aspects of FIRST teams are taught. Classes will include electrical fundamentals, mechanical advantage, strength design, video, yearbook prep, marketing, software, CAD, team management and Web design. In addition to the class time, returning students have opportunity to study advanced basics or become part of the Chief Delphi Invitational Team. (Thanks Delphi) Other students and first year students will participate in a “mini” competition where a game is devised to be played with robots made from Connex (sp?)bases (Thanks Technocats)and raw matierials supplied by the schools. If an experienced student does not choose to participate in either the mini comp or CDI then they are expected to mentor a LegoLeague team and all students are asked to help at LegoLeague state finals.
During the FIRST season, registered students are expected to participate in the robot program on one or more of the sub teams. Their participation (attendance) and productivity determines their grade (grading is handled by the teachers from each of the schools) and to some extent the choice of travel teams for regional and national events.
Good Luck All

At Bellarmine College Prep, there is a Junior/Senior elective class called “Robotics”. If you are in the class, you are on the team and expected to attend meetings and work on the robot. We do not build the robot at school, though; we build it in a building at NASA Ames Research Center.

All students on GRT are enrolled in a one year elective course called “Engineering Technology”. For the first semester we learn machining, structures and materials, autocad, power transmission, and we also do a couple of design challenges and also organize a design challenge for 5th graders in our school district (we also go to the elementary schools to mentor the 5th graders). Second semester we devote to building the robot, then preparing for competition. At the very end of th year, we close with some extra units that vary year to year (last year it was digital electronics). The class counts for 10 credits over the course of the year.

said above! You got to love the summer time projects too. Like renovating the WHOLE shop etc…

No credit here.
Just remembered, this year we can earn a letter for robotics.

This is Team 316…well we don’t get high school credit for being involved in robotics, but we get college credit. We took a course in the fall and received 3 college credits, and for crunch time it all depended on how many hours you put in. :slight_smile:

Team 555 from Montclair, NJ gets class credit (5 credits) that fufills technology and design requirements, and its a high-honors level class. (This is what happens when you have an administrator as one of your supervisors)