Who had the best robot last year?

Personally I think it was team 25 with their awesome arm and their awesome control system… it could be for any reason but which robot do you think was the best?

OHS NOS!!! huge debate coming again…

i did a search for best 2004 robots (and other similar titles) but i couldnt find the past thread about this year… um… anyone have a clue what thread mi talking about?

I know what thread you’re talking about.

All the robots have their ups and downs. In my opinion there isnt any one best robot. Cause in the eye’s of their builders thier own robot is the best.

What is the best robot EVER in FIRST?


Comon’ It took me a while to figure out how to do this…somebody has to have an opinion. Lets create some categories… favorite autonomous… favorite bot… coolest design… best robot performances… etc.

After doing a search for “favorite hang”, I found these threads:

coolest robot
best robot ever (again)
Best hang
Best small ball capabilites

If you did a search for “best autonomous”, I would imagine a plethora of threads that would be worth reading.

Andy B.

I liked 303 “The Fridge” for their really awesome design and the Gila Monsters (63?) also had a very nice machine, but it’s pretty much impossible to choose the best, 222 is another good one that just pops into my head.

Of Course every Bot had their Pros and Cons but no doubt to me that the best Bot would have to be Bomb Squad!! They were AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:

the Gila Monsters from AZ team 64

ur right the fridge(303) is an awsome robot and so is 222 when comming into my mind. for the rookie year, i think that 1403 did a great job and came a long way from where they were in the beginning of the season.

hmm… lets see
303 = It’s evil when it comes to balls, they’re evil
1403 = another ball evil machine, with a better drive train they’d be doing more than awesome
190 = amazing auto hang…
222 = good overall robot, i think theres a lot of driving skill behind that.
67 = amazing.
there are so many robots i liked this year, that is kinda my off-season list.

Team 25 - They’ve just been amazing the past two years. They’re fast, quick to hang and pretty much unstoppable.
Team 303 - Just plain awesome! They can hang, I believe, and pick up balls like no one’s business.
Team 816 - They’re so good at hanging, and are a very good alliance partner. I think they can pick up the big ball (?) or am I confusing them with another team?
Team 222 - Great driving, and awesome hangers. =D
There’s a team that I think is called the fishnet? It’s 1403 I think…but that 'bot is great! It’s awesome at getting the small balls, and a pretty quick mover.

we don’t hang but we cap like no one’s business.

and my choice is 222, swept the last two off season comps. is there anything that robot can’t do.

:rolleyes: hmm…
I really liked 1403s design, they could win even if the robot on the other team hung, they basically got all the balls from one side of the field…
I also liked 25s drivetrain, thats what you call power…

I’m really fond of 237’s robot. It basically was just a hanger, but man did it hang. To be horribly cliché, “Any job worth doing is worth doing well” and 237, IMO, was the best hanger.

Plus they made a good alliance partner. :smiley:


It is considered faux pas to come into one of these threads and nominate ones own robot. Of course you feel your robot is one of the best. Everyone is proud of their own creations. Typically these threads represent a chance to highlight the achievements of others, not oneself.
Please keep this in mind.

No one likes it when you toot your own horn.


(This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone start one of these threads, and then mention themselves later. A new low?)

Just wanted to let people know bout our autonomous program. Many people kept asking about it and now I just wanted to answer their question. We had a copy cat program.I choose 254. They did it all from knock the ball off the tee, to cap and hang. I saw them do it all in one match at nationals.