Who has a full size or half size practice field in the midwest?

My school has passed a STEM referendum and is dedicating about 4000 sqft area for a robotics lab, in addition to their metals, woods and other tech-ed shops. My administration is curious to know who in the midwest has a full size or half size practice field dedicated to FRC (or possibly shared with another activity). Right now it is in the plan to have an area dedicated for having a full sized field set up. If you could please fill out the form linked below I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Practice Field Survey Link --> https://goo.gl/forms/rFtqoPGQovgOWVz13

@MrKniess back in October @Andy_Baker made a post about STEM Centers in relation to FRC. I would suggest you look through that thread as it has a lot of data already sourced.

Thanks for that!