who has combined PVC tubing for thier frame?

i have looked everywhere for this one picture that i saw of a robot with PVC tubing in the front and i would like to see more pictures of other robots. Like incorporated with in the frame. with aluminum sides and the PVC tubing for the front and back sides.

like this?

you can’t see it, but there’s also three aluminum bars running underneath all the electronics to help keep the frame rigid. also, later some of the ENC was removed, so we had to use some threaded rod to keep the frame from sagging when it hung.

Yes that is it! i saw a pic without all the wheels and stuff. you have a lot more pictures of it? thanks!

Of course, but access to them that may be a little harder =/. I will try to get more pics…hopefully if I forget Roger will cover me and remember. :rolleyes:

I saw a team (can’t recall the #) who used massive PVC arms to collect and distribute the ball drop in '04, it was pretty cool. The chassis was also made of PVC, and everything was covered in Camo cloth.

That was Beatty.

they mentioned 2004. team 71 only had two large pvc pipes for arms. but thats hardly a pvc constructed frame

but 71 in 2002 that alot of pvc. but then again it wasnt for there frame

Excuse me but I get a little long winded sometimes…

We started 2002 with the bright idea to make a large robot that started on its back and fell over at the beginning of the match. I don’t even remember what advantage this was supposed to give us. It didn’t work out well and we came in last place at the inaugural St. Louis Regional. Because of the even year even team rule in place in 2002, we were able to go to Epcot for the Championship. After seeding 53 out of 53 at St Louis, we decided some redesign was in order and proceeded to hack the front of the robot off. This removed the ball thrower that didn’t work and reduced our length enough so that falling over was unnecessary. We did not have enough time at the regional to create a new front for the robot. So we brought 1.5 inch PVC and numerous fittings to Epcot and grafted a PVC front onto our robot. The PVC held up well during competition and we have considered using PVC again, but the last two years we have used aluminum ‘C’ channel. I think the appearance of PVC is biggest reason we have not used it more.

it’s alright he already sent me 4 pictures of your team. thanks! great design