Who has how much to do?

Out of curiosity, who is 100% done or has 3 days of work to do next thursday?

We are 100% done. All we have to do when we get up to regionals is clean the robot and put the skins. But we have alot to do now we have to make our control system finish up the skins and work on our cart and practice shooting

We’re pretty much set except for some “tidying” of wires and tubing. We also have a shield to protect the robot electronics which is fabricated and just needs to be installed. We’ll do this in the pits in Trenton, NJ.

We still have to attach some polycarbonate in a few places, but that’s about all we’ll have to do Thursday at Great Lakes Regional.

we need to put all the attachments on, and add some lexan here and there

how about if i say that we gotta get that bot working nicely @ our first regional… :smiley:

we finished our bot completely 3 days before ship date except for 2 of our sides which weren’t finished from the sign shop, but quick to mount at our first regional :smiley:

we have to just put on our marketing things like team name, nnumber , logo , and sponsor info … but were done other than that!!!

i think we will make something up @ first regional… before we go for the practice match…

be sure to bring a marker and paper with you. Last year we only put our team number on 2 sides, so to pass inspection, we had to use our match scheduel and scout for an hour for a marker. It was a royal pain in the butt.

Im glad to hear that so many teams are near completion, good luck to all at the regionals


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