Who Has Scored on The Other Side of the rack in Autonomous Mode

At Parcx, my team ( 1629 ) was finally able to score on the other side of the rack during autonomous mode. I was wondering if any one else was able to do this.

This is the U-tube link and the Gears. server link to the clip.

Gears. Server:

Team 1114 scored on the other side of the rack at the Greater Toronto Regional, during the qualification rounds. They set their robot up backwards and drove backwards down the field until the camera saw the light on the other side of the rack.

I’d post a link, but The Blue Alliance is missing some of the video from the GTR qualification rounds, including the match in question.

Well, 45 tried, but as everyone at Boilermaker can testify, it didn’t turn out so well. But hey, the under side of the robot looked nice this year. :rolleyes:

2056 almost got it a couple of times, not sure if they got it going in Atlanta though

We (1540) accidentally <_< got what we call ‘one past perpendicular’ once or twice. That would be, if #1 were pointing towards your alliance station, we placed a keeper on #4, not directly opposite type of far side (#5), but getting out there into ‘enemy territory’.

lol that was awesome! im now thinking how that wouldve made a better strategy for one of our autonomous modes but oh well too late now :stuck_out_tongue: