who has the best Pizza Deal

Every Saturday we get pizza for our team. We did the math and we need 12 pizzas to feed the team and the mentors. The problem was we couldnt fund it, until i chimed in and told my team about a local pizza place that charges only $5.00!!! for a large one topping.

I want to see what other teams are doing in terms for pizza deals. i want to see if any one can beat this price.

3 XL party trays for I think it’s $40 (thats about 180 slices)

a couple times a local Papa Johns, and Wegmans supermarket were contributing sponsors for our team

free pizzas or free subs every saturday for 6 weeks!

(pretty good deal :^)

Little Caesar’s Hot 'N Ready … $5.00/large

We go with the Little Ceasars Hot & Ready whenever we decide to get pizza. Works out well.

There’s a local place here that will make a 50" (yes, over 4 feet in diameter) pizza for about $20

EDIT: Two Guys from Italy is the name of the place if anyone (like 589) is in/near Glendale, CA

How do you fit that in a car?! :ahh:

How do you put it in a box?

big box, SUV

hehehehe… you guys are right up the few blocks … close to us… we can get that deal too… :smiley: thanks. :smiley:

wow i think im going to have to move to CA just for that pizza lol

Is it the Pizza Man sanddrag???

Doh! I’m an idiot. It’s not 50", it is 28" Still really big in person, but not as big in inches as I thought it was. Details details. LOL I guess I should actually check before I post next time.

In Beverly Hills and in Encino there is this place called Mulberry Street Pizza and is the absolute thinnest pizza you’ve ever seen. Paper thin. It is so good. All the movie and TV stars go there even though it is kind a hole in the wall place.

Thanks. I think I know what I am going to get on my turn for bringing food. :smiley:

From 2000-2002, one of our team members worked at Papa John’s where his boss allowed him to make free pizzas for the teams. We usually had 5-10 pizzas/night for free, 6 days a week.

Now we eat a lot of DP Dough :slight_smile:

As a college kid i live off of this

and dont forget there 2 for $2 breadsticks


If you get a job at Little Caesars (the L.C. Lounge :smiley: ) It only costs you $4.00 a pizza!

We just order some random pizza, and everyone kicks in some money. But that little Caesar’s deal seems pretty good. I wonder if there’s one near us.

oh man they’re ripping you off. you work there=its free. and design your own pizza

Kinda like the BK Lounge (if you know this reference, you’ll laugh)…becuase I just got home from there…and guess what…FREE WIFI!!!