Who has the camera working?

If your team has the camera working, could you please post here? It would be greatly appreciated. Our team is curious to know if everyone else is having difficulties as well.


we have ours working, what is ur problem

We Had ours working the 1st week. Post any problems you have and we’ll try and help.

Team 808,

We got ours working using the Kevin Watson code with minor tweeks.

Ours is working perfectly. We did it the “hard way” without Kevin’s code. :wink:

Post any problems you are having and we will try to answer them!

Got it working and even have had an old robot driving toward the green light by the second week.

Camera works fine.

We just have to develop the shooting algorithm based from it now…

we also had problems with the camera, we couldn’t make it track green with Kevin’s code, so we developed our own code for the camera (tracking and searching).
feel free to download our code here or ask questions about it.
good luck! :slight_smile:

we have the camera “working”, we are getting output in the IFI_Loader window for pan and tilt, but the camera itslef is not moving.

Make sure that you have the servos hooked up to the correct PWMs and that you have a (fully charged) backup battery attached to the robot controller. :slight_smile:

I got it working! Kevin coded it to tilt the wrong way when it found the target. To fix this go to tracking.c. In the servo track function, find the y-axis/ tilt tracking code. Where it assigns the tilt error, multiply the whoole subtraction problem by -1. THen go down and find the two places where it assigns 1 or -1 to the step in a division erro occurs and reverse them. That should fix the problem.

Or go to tracking.h

// If your camera suddenly moves away from the target once
// it finds it, you’ll need to change the sign on one or
// both of these values.

change the value there. lol It’s alot easier :rolleyes:

Ours is working but the last time I checked it would follow our faces rather than the green light we had. Probably because the green light was iluminated on our faces but whatever as long as it follows green right?

we got our camera working and we our using pixels to tell how far away our robot is from the goal and how much force it will need to hopefully go in

Our camera works but we’re still playing with the code to make it track the way we want it to.

Ours will now follow the green light very consistantly, including when it is about 8 feet in the air and its far away from it.

4 weeks and we finally got it to work, bad converter
now just the rest of the robot

123, we are still in the tweaking/troubleshooting phase.

Team 836’s camera is up and running finally. :smiley:

today was the first day we had it on the thing that aimed the shooter and i dont think we have any problems (knock on wood) so far just a couple of minor adjustments to do to it. in like last year where we fried it the first time we put it on :smiley: