Who has the coolest avatar?

who has the coolest avatar?

not me, nope, not me

That will be a tough question without seeing all of them, remember there’s over five thousand members (although I am aware not everyone has one including myself). I personally like ones with action (not static) like the ones for Matt Attallah, Redhead Jokes, IMD Walrus, and Ashley Weed to name a few. Maybe we should nominate them then vote on them.

Mines the best. Hands down. :smiley: It’s the avatar I’ve used on all forums for probably the last 4 or 5 years. Totally original. Woot woot.

I’ve always preferred Redhead Jokes Av. MisInformation’s old Phtoshop manipulation of her cats eyes over her face was a very good one as well.

Well… I am a bit partial to mine… although i wish it pictured dave with a full beard… ahhhh… but i think that all the avatars are pretty cool- quite entertaining at times… :slight_smile:

I like mine, because it fits. but I like my rotating Exile comics banner better.

I can’t say if mine is very good, but I got it from a website selling a famous food product, you know which. Someone else from my team has the same avator and I think actually had it before me.

By the way, a little off topic, read my signature.

I use a cropped version of that cat photo as my avatar on a couple of other sites.

I like a lot of the avatars, especially the ones that really reflect a person’s personality. But I must admit, I’m partial to the one I use now because the kitty was a very sweet kitty who I met while working. He actually stood up to peer into the camera, and yes, his eyes are two different colors!


I think I was a cat in another life

My toe cheese avatar is the best because it was made by Brandon Marcus, (see below). Amanda Morrison also had the idea to hard-code it into the forums so i cannot change it. Woooo!!! My own 4 lines of code!! :stuck_out_tongue:


So many EddieMcD avatars to dig through, so little time…

I like my car, it takes me places.


Oh come on folks, you can’t nominate your own avatar! It’s like nominating your team’s robot for being the best… get some humility! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, let’s all face it, Andy Baker has a really neat avatar that’s unique and clever. Everyone hated those tile puzzles as a kid, and is absolutely amazed every time the Technokats logo is solved (and so quickly!).

I’d say besides his outstanding posts, gracious attitude, and overall coolness, it’s Andy’s avatar that’s gotten him so many reputation points. How can you NOT respect someone who can solve a tile puzzle?

(For the number-cruncher of the day award… estimate how many times Andy’s puzzle has been solved. For additional props, estimate how many times people have seen Andy’s avatar puzzle solved… for mega props… write a PHP file that display a real-time count on both numbers…)


I agree with Matt. It’s shameless and wrong to aknowlege your own avatar. [Snoochie Boochies!!]

[award show mode]
The nominees for Best Supporting Avatar in a Robotics Forum / Message Board are:

M. Krass for the Fantasia-inspired pic;
Wetzel for making us all thankful that we don’t drive that thing;
FotoPlasma for reminding us how to spell his screen name (even though it’s written right there every time he posts);
Elgin Clock – Zoinks!
Joel J. for a DBZ avatar, something that any self-respecting internet community needs;
Andy Baker for giving our eyes something to dance over on those sleepless nights;

And the George Award goes to:

D.J.Fluck!? Um… One second folks…

::Throws the French, Russian, and Canadian judges out of the building and recounts the votes::

Ok, the winner is:

Joel J.!!
[/award show mode]

Okay, if you can’t vote for your own, I’ll give my vote for Wetzel’s! I like it, I’ve seen it in person, and it reminds me of the time decided to “touch” up my brothers’ Matchbox cars with my mother’s finger nail polish…


okay, it wasn’t really touching up, I out and out painted them whether they needed it or not…


My vote goes for David Kelly’s. I don’t know the story - but for amanda to have hard-coded it in it has to be good. Plus, for some very odd reasion, when I saw it all I could do was laugh.

BTW - For thoes that don’t know about my new avatar - it’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee “flexing” or seeing how much travel he has. When doin’ some off-roading - it’s all about the suspension travel. Plus it even does a pose!! :smiley:

After a month or 2 of this one - i’ll go back to the Walama!!

Walama -



Baring my own, i am partial to the linux penguin.

Mine, on the other hand, is a really cool picture of me where i am in focus and the background is moving.

I personally like George1083’s simply because I love the Jay and SilentBob movies.

Created by Clark Gilbert, used (or stolen?? ;)) by Andy Baker :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, I did that a long while ago. Created it with Ulead Gif something or other and it was some preset animation. Then I just showed it to him someday or gave it to him.

My favorite avatar was the one that Anton Abaya created/used a long time ago.