Who has used pneumatic wheels?

We’re thinking about using pneumatic wheels this year on our robot. We don’t have much experiance with them. Any help is greatly appreciated. Any problems with them? Any significant advantages? Thank you.


better then other whels no real conspension

We used them last year. They are pretty grippy, and the biggest advantage is because the wheels deform to take the weight, it is a bit more forgiving if you aren’t lined up perfectly in the vertical direction, all the wheels will still contact, and you’ll get a decent contact patch.

If you are using the sprocket driven hubs, I’d recommend that you put about 2-4 oz of slime ™ into the inner tube before you inflate them. I’ve been using slime in my mountain bike(s) for the past 10 years, and can count on 1 hand the amount of times I’ve had a flat tyre. Once the hubs go on it’s dang near impossible to pump the tubes back up, so tire sealant in the tubes to guard against slow leaks (which will happen) is a worthy investment. Go to your friendly local bike store for slime, it’s a green goop that they sell in a tall plastic bottle.

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-=- Terence

We are using them this year, amazing wheels…amazing traction. Just make sure when you are drilling around the area where the wheels are located you dont send the drill bit flying into the wheel. A teammate of mine did that