who has xbox live

i figure since we are in a robotics community why don’t we unite in the gaming community also so if u have an account post ur gamertag

mine is

WPYMx Toxic

Rex114 (familiar :p)

I haven’t been on lately because of a full time summer job and lots of work for school next year, but I’ll try to get on in the next couple of days.

Mike C.


Mostly on Halo 2, haven’t played for a whlie though because of my summer job and I’ve been playing Battlefield 2 a whole lot on PC.

lol we should make a clan on H2 for FIRST lol

heheheheheh i had to get this one…

ChiefDelphi :stuck_out_tongue:

im on rarely


I will be offline for a while until I get some bills payed and can afford to get my account reinstated.

Halo2 is my friend :slight_smile:
I’ll pwn anybody w/ snipes lol

Mine is Daveman55 …but I haven’t played for a while (I think my Halo2 levels were zeroed because I haven’t played for so long.)

And it’s true, you don’t really need to live in the countries with service to use xboxlive.

About the only thing I ever play is “Dead Rising” … I guess I have a thing for the after life or something!

When I get on again, I’ll look up some of your names sometime.