Who Hates Brandon Marcus ?

I DO!!!

Tytus… no.

Whatever you’re trying to prove, just stop it.

I do not know of anyone named Brandon Marcus…

He is that anoying Webmaster Who takes out his wratih on all my pictures!:]

This is not the place for this…deal with it in PMs

*Originally posted by D.J. Fluck *
**I do not know of anyone named Brandon Marcus… **

Me neither… And I fail to see the point of this thread. If you have a complaint about our webmaster, e-mail the webmasters, or PM them.

If you wish to start a discussion about how this forum is ran, post it in the suggestion forum.

If you are protesting about certain things, again, you can send the webmaster e-mails or PM them.

If you really have something meaningful to say, and really believe that posting it will help others understand your feelings, PM them to me, and I will to happy to open this thread and let you post them, as long as they are constructive critisms.

Other wise random opinions without any support or reasons accomplish nothing.

Thank You for taking up our time with this Thread. Have a Nice day.

bye! :mad:

*Originally posted by Tytus Gerrish *
**I DO!!! **

I just talked to Brandon Marcus.
He doesn’t care, nor do I.