Who I Want to Meet- 2010 Edition

Who do you want to meet this season from other teams?

My List:
Derek Bessette and crew
JVN & Copioli
Need to thank Raul Olivera and crew
Need to thank Mentors of 234
Need to thank AndyMark and Team 221 llc
Need to meet up with 103 somewhere since our pit buddies won’t be at NJ
Novak family of the Bomb Squad
EWCP lead crew. :smiley:
Mentors of 67
HoF teams’ lead mentors

Everyone possible :smiley:

I want to meet everyone that I’ve been talking with over the past several months. Last year, I knew nobody from other teams, now I’ve communicated with students and mentors all over the country. I don’t want to list everyone, because I know that I’ll end up forgetting someone, but high on the list are Jane Young (shoes!), Andy Baker, Libby Kamen, Michelle Celio, Chris Picone, and Andrew Schreiber (we met briefly at Kettering Kickoff, but then I had to jet because of alliance selections).

But as always, if anyone will be at Traverse City or Detroit, come stop by 1189’s pit, mention that you found me on CD, and say hello, because I’d love to meet you!

Students: Akash, RC, Nick Lawrence, especially Kara Bakowski. These guys all kick expletive, and I don’t think randomly handing Nick some orbit balls at IRI counts as meeting him. I’d like to meet Keehun / Trent again too, if (WHEN?) they win 10,000 Lakes since I won’t be there.

Plus, all of Conserve School’s FTC team. It’s their last year and they’ve had 2 Inspires and an event win. I need to thank people on that team.

Mentors: I haven’t met too many of these guys yet, or if I have I was busy / rushed / dazed. So name a “famous” FIRST mentor, and I’d like to shake hands and talk. In particular though would be reconnecting with Robert Eady (Conserve School), since he got me into robotics in the first place.

Ah yes, how could I forget Pat Fairbank and Nick L.

What, you aren’t planning to be at Ypsi? :rolleyes:

You never know :rolleyes: I don’t want to say that I’ll be there if there’s a chance that I won’t be.

My team will be at the Detroit competition. Anyone else that might be there stop by team 1023’s pit.

I’m always excited to see Koko Ed.

Plus Schnabel.

I’m queing all year long so I end up meeting all sortsa folks.

I’d like to meet up with the guys from the FTC Team 417. Me and a few friends hung out with them at FTC and found out they were doing FRC at Portland as well. We promised to meet up of Chief Delphi and then hang out at the regional, but I’ve been unable to find their FRC team number!

And I’m going to have soooo much fun wandering around the pit at Championships. Really, looking at all the spiffy robots and meeting the people who made them will be one of the major highlights of me year.