Who I'd Like to Meet - 2008 Championship Edition

With about two weeks let until the big event who do you want to meet?

Who I’d Like to Meet: (I’m really too lazy to check if they are actually going to Championship, someone want to correct me?:slight_smile: )
Pavan Dave (We may have met, but I don’t remember it >.< )
The Lucas
Mike Martus
Rich Kressly
Travis Hoffman
Beth Sweet
Kyle Love
Cody Carey

There is probably more but I can’t remember at the moment :slight_smile:

Of course it’s always fun to see old friends.

I’d like to meet as many people as possible! Cynette will probably have her list of people she wants to meet, so I may be following her around. I will definitely be at the webhug. Although I will probably have red camo on my face so I’ll be hard to miss. Please introduce yourself if you see me! I saw a lot of people from CD at Philly as well!

I finally formally met Justin Ridley, many years after I was forced to interview him as “punishment”. He is every bit as polite (and brilliant) as I remember him.

My list this year is short:
Anthony (AJ) Lapp
Todd Willick
Geoff Allan
Maddie Krass
EJ Sabathia
Travis Covington
Steve Wozniak

The list seems to get shorter every year - good news, I guess.

Meryl Streep

Some of these I would like to meet again and discuss random stuff:
Paul Copioli
Mark Copioli
Madison Krass
AJ Lapp
Karthik Kanagasabapathy
Sam Couch
Bharat Nain
Jason Brett

And many more.

If I make it to Atlanta, my list would be impossibly long. Let’s just say it would include many, many WFFA and Championship WFA winners, people of teams such as 217, 1114, 71, 111, 45, 233, and many, many more role model teams that I haven’t had the chance to talk to or see so far. I might be forced to spend more times running around the pits looking for these people more than I watch the action on the fields.

I have a huge long list (NEMO has LOTS of members!) but will be working on the FTC fields a good part of the time. If anyone has the opportunity to stop by and say HI, please do so! I love to put faces with names!

Cody graduated and is busy so i doubt u will see him

I usually have a huge list of people I want to meet, and then people come up to me and say hi to me randomly, but never tell me their names.
Very annoying. lol

So… if you come up and say hi to me, please tell me your name, or at least your CD username. Thanks.

My list is way too large to be mentioned here, but I will be attending the CD Webhug yet again, so I’ll probably see most of you there if not before and/or after!

See you all in Atlanta!

i want to meet everybody, well as many people as i can
Michelle Celio because she helped with my facebook contest page
Jane Young
and many more just can’t remember all the names right now

Yeah. I don’t really have a list but you know I am always want to meet new people. You will usually see me playing hacky sack(the one with the operator badge) or walking around talking with Dustin(thefro) so if you wanna talk to us and hang out just talk to us.

I will stop by and say hi

I would also like to see some people again
Jane Young
and Andy Baker

those two so far because I haven’t seen them since last summer when they came down to Florida

also just to meet new people

I will be walking around a lot this year I hope

And I will attend the Web Hug because I will not forget my ticket like I did for the past 2 years

Good luck getting Kyle Love away from our robot

I’m reeeally looking forward to the whole networking aspect of Championship. I love meeting new people (as anybody on my team can testify :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’d mostly like to meet some of the other prominent posters that are around my age (Pavan, whytheheckme, etc), as well as some others that I’ve talked to online and such but never met in real life (Arefin [though we met for like a minute at IRI], Joe Matt, etc). And Michelle, my cousin goes to FIT, every time I see you post I think of her :rolleyes: Though I was at the webhug last year, I didn’t really meet anyone (except the panda girl, haha). I’m also looking forward to working with some of the awesome people that I’ve had the privilege of working with in the past (JVN, Kyle Love, Dylan Grimlich, etc). Webhug 08, here I come!

Edit: and how could I forget, my bros on 66’s drive team. You guys (along with 910) made for one of the most fun alliances I’ve ever been a part of.

The answer would have be…EVERYBODY!!!

Come say hi to the tall kid in a red-and-white hockey jersey! :smiley:
Perhaps I should post a WAI…

Anybody I can recognize or can recognize me to be sure… I’ll be wearing my customary Qbranch sticker somewhere on my person…

Other than CD people, I’d like to (re)meet (and hopefully not run in to like in 2006 :ahh: ): Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Woody Flowers, Dean Kamen, and Sergey Brin… and many more that i’m not sure will or will not be coming to championship… I’ve herd a rumor the mythbusters are going to make an appearance. :smiley:

See you all there!


I want to meet EVERYONE!

Please come say hi to me, I’ll be wandering around Friday and Saturday!

Exactly why I changed my name on CD. :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyways, I’m pretty open to meeting anyone from FIRST, but I think this year preferably people who are planning on attending either Rose Hulman or Purdue this coming year since thats where it looks like I’ll be heading.

I think meeting the PurdueFIRST teams would be a goal. (There are 3 right?)

I want to meet everyone, but I will make it a point to try to meet Joe Matt, Kristian Calhoun, Morgan Gillespie, Jeff Rodriguez, and Adam Richards. But I defiantly plan to meet up with old friends too!

Now that it seems we’re going, I have to compile a real list.
Everyone who posted in this thread qualifies.
Andy Baker.
111, 1114, 67, 45, 148, and many other teams and their mentors.
More people than I’ll ever be able to list.
This is gonna be fun.