Who is finished???

Has any team finished their robot yet???

The mechanical guys say we should be finished mechanically this Saturday (hopefully), and then I get to start working on the real programming.

Our team is no where near done. We have our design done and hashed out. Fabrication will be taking place for the next 2 weeks. After that we will be programming and testing untill test. Hopefully this will be the first year we dont have to build right up until the fedex truck arrives.

Oh and the robot is only finished after your last competition.

ha, i wish we were finished by now…in matter of fact…i hope we finish…

I think we are supposed to be finishing the build this Saturday, but there still would be testing to be done to make sure it works!

wait the six weeks started already??? i better get to work…

Not finished, but on track. We are waiting on some parts from a sponsor who is a little overdue, but as soon as we get those… we have our 40lb (electronics included) drive base finished. Fabrication of peripherals should be done mid next week.

thoughts are coming together… and hopefully they will form a robot.
but hey, whatever the mechanical team isnt able to do the software team can do, right?

Shipping date is looking a lot closer than it should…

Robot? What robot?! We were suppose to build a robot. Ah man, don’t know how the team’s going to take it when I tell them the news.lol

But seriously, we’re not even %50 done. We know exactly what we’re building, the right parts are the problem. Our OI board, electronics board, and crate is done though.

Materials, materials, materials. It seems to be the one biggest problems we’re having, having to order something and having to wait on parts. Our frame has been welded and a few other parts of been manufactured. We should have a drive up and running by this weekend if all goes according to plan, as well as our other parts coming together as well :slight_smile:

These six weeks sure are flying by…

The left side and bottom half of our robot is completely done, the right is held on my clamps and springs and a punch tool.

Same thing here. Our drivetrain is running and we have our ideas in decent order, but we are waiting now on the main parts for our arm. When those come in, hopefully things will come together relatively quickly. We have decided that from here on we’re going to design to parts that we have in stock or can fabricate ourselves, no more pieces that we don’t have the equipment to make. (as was/is the reason we’re waiting right now…)
Things really aren’t going too bad for us, compared to other years.

We finished our first chassis yesterday and we had it driving around. So now, software gets some time to play with it. We have to make some minor adjustments tomorrow, but after that it should be a pretty smooth ride.

Our schedule says that our second robot will be completed two weeks from now. I really think we can pull it off.

second robot? wow… we havent even finsihed our first and you guys are on your second…

ya our robot is coming slow and steady. its a slight bit behind schedule, but nothing too bad. we just got two more banebot gearboxes last night (shout out to GODWIN team 540 lives!) and we will finish up the drive once exams are over and we are allowed to work again. besides that, an arm and some small little things need to be added and it will be done. we still cannot decide whether to have a simple scooping mechanism or a claw type grabing thing on the end of the arm, so we are making both. but honestly, making two full robots…gee wiz…

HA HA not funny jimmy

we are almost done with our arm’s first joint, working on the second joint on the bottom now hint. We test drove our base around already which has a good center of gravity, can climb ramps, be a ramp, and can pick up ringers from the ground. bumpers and side panels with team sponsors and # done too! However, our drivers definitely need practice. they drive like my 2 year old nephew with his toy car.:smiley:

We received our non-powder coated, practice robot frame back from the CNC shop on Monday, and we have that assembled. Once our second frame comes back from the CNC shop and powder coating, we’ll cease work on the practice bot and work on the real robot.

Our powder coated frame is due back to our shop on Friday, where we can hopefully get the drive chassis done this weekend. We set an overall robot target completion date of one week before ship to give enough time to program it and to allow our drivers enough “stick time” to learn the robot inside and out.

Somehow our team will finish… somehow I hope we will finish… now how that will happen is a different story…

We just finished the CAD models today, and shipped them off to be machined. Does that count?

Our team tends to think…and re-think…and prototype…and think a bit more…then suddenly decide to throw it all together and the 'bot is done in about a week.