Who is hanging and how?

Hi I was just wondering what teams plan on hanging, allowing teams to hang from them, hanging from other robots, or sitting on the platform.

You forgot an option, but I’m not allowed to say which :stuck_out_tongue:

None of the above, but robot will be elevated.

If all things go to plan, 2791 will be hangin’-a-round. A lot of convincing will be needed before grabbing onto someone else’s robot rather than the tower, in my personal opinion. The robot will have no means to suspend others.

Yeah, I agree. An option has been forgotten :wink:

Well, there’s ramping other robots either onto the platform or onto yourself as you become ELEVATED, but I think that’s included in the “hanging others” option personally.

We’ll be elevating ourselves, hopefully.

And depending on how everything shapes up with our mechanism, we may add the provision for another team to hang off of us. If we do, I doubt it’ll ever be used in a Qualification match, and would probably only be used in Elims when a win is absolutely necessary.

If you are referring to climbing the vertical pole, that may be included in hanging from the tower.

I still find myself wondering what the advantage of hanging by yourself is? It’s only 2 points and I think it is likely that if you keep playing offense you will score at least 2 points and if you were playing defense you would probably be giving up at least 2 points given an undefended goal. If you can reliably hang and suspend another robot then I can see where 5 points is worth getting. The difficulty in doing so with a teammate that has never seen your robot or practiced with you or has properly anticipated how to hang from you seems quite high and is likely to limit the success of this operation. Thoughts??

What if your mechanism only takes, say, 5-10 seconds to hang? Can you score 2 goals in 5-10 seconds consistently? I’d be impressed.

I agree on the hanging by yourself part.
Its only 2 points.
I suspect that the superior robot is one that can hang and “lift” or “carry” another robot for the 5 pointers.
The lack of rampbots discussed in CD is surprising to me for possible 4 pointers. If robots are being built to climb 45 degree angles, isnt it very possible to climb a 30 degree one?:wink:

very very true :wink:

but how do you fit a 30 degree ramp in a 84 in circle?

we are doing it this way:

1- raise hook via screw driven scissor lift
2- disconnect hook from lift
3- use the uber-winch to pull us up (and anybody hanging from us)

we are using both of the 2 “taboo devices”- scissor lifts and vaccums. but as long as it works and is clearly legal, we’ll do it.

What pushed you toward a scissor lift for your hook delivery system versus other kinds of lifts?

Something along the lines of this

Carbon fiber grappling hook + carbon fiber telescoping arm.

Lifting is best solved by a TENSION solution. Ramps are compression based.
Compression is high mass and produces TORQUE.
Tension is self aligning and LOW MASS.
Think cables and synthetic fiber lines.
-Dick Ledford 3135 Robbotic Colonels

A combination of pneumatics and a ramp deploying mechanism.
Technically 27.xx degrees.:smiley:

Does your bot traverse the tunnel? Why the telescoping scheme, when getting from the 60" max. vert. bot size limit to the 84" bar requires only a 24"+hook size swing arm. Seems harder to do telescoping?
-Dick Ledford