who is interestedin a fall comptition

G-force robotics team is thinking about having a competition in September or October. This competition is to let new members kinda get the feel of what a regional or even nationals are like. The competition will be held in Huntington North High School’s Gymnasium. There are lot of places around the school where you could stay. There are even more places where you can eat (for those of you who love food):slight_smile: If you think your team would want to be a part of this you can either respond here or E-mail me at blondechic20000@yahoo.com. Thanks

Jenny Lahr :smiley:

We’d be interrested to come and play wit you guys. Would it be a one day event like IRI? And what might the entry fee be?

I’m sure the TechnoKats would be interested in coming…(or atleast i hope we would)…and if we arent I would be willing to drive there to watch…


As of now we are still discussing how much the entry fee will be if there is one at all. Would you rather have a one or two day event? We are just trying to see as of now if there are enough teams interested in coming to a fall competition.

Although a 2 day event would be fun, a 1 day event would prolly make more since. Especially for us. It’d cost less and we wouldnt have to drive back and forth to get there.

Would you guys be able to get everything pulled together in time to hold a comp.?

I response to the question about wether or not we will be able to pull this off. We have a parent group, some of the old team (he ones that are not away at college), or engineers and the technokats said that they would help along with the new team, and our teachers. I believe that we will have no problem being able to pull this off.
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