Who is missing stuff from KOP?

We just checked our KOP and have found some things missing. The most important is the 40amp Maxi Fuse holder. How many other teams are missing items and are any missing some of the important pieces?


were missing pieces to the prefab helical transmitions

We are missing various stuff – at least the maxi fuse holder and a servo.

I also didn’t see the rotating pneumatic actuator, but I think you might have to order it separately.

We are also missing some things.

this happened last year. Some parts were not available when the kits were assembled, and FIRST fedex’d em within a few days.

might be the same story this year - expect a team update or a bulletin on their message board in the next few days to address the misc loose ends.

The Maxi fuse block is a clear plexiglass block. It is completely different from last year’s block. It is a standard part from a car audio system.

most of the time they do forget stuff, just make sure to check for EVERYTHING, and just tell FIRST and they’ll send it.

We are missing some pneumatics hardware a servo and the maxi block.

So far all that seems to be missing is a servo.

you guys are all lucky …we just finished inventory and we are missing full bags of things … like there is no bag at all … for more than one thing … im going to cry

edit/: i am crying …

i havent found the yellow backup batery is it Even in here?

As I posted in another thread, I think that the yellow battery is the edubot battery or you can use any 7.2v battery. The rotary cylinder demonstration was meant as an example of a cylinder you can use now that they loosened the pnuematic restrictions. You can now use any cylinder rated for 60psi. Also as a note for anyone missing components, FIRST states in the manual that they in low supplies of spare components. All missing or broken kit parts must be reported to FIRST by January 16th. Double check to make sure you didn’t overlook them (The pneumatic stuff is hidden well in the tubing bag) and read the manual on how to report lost items.

We’re missing an IR FET, in addition to some random mechanical parts. Our count is 7 individual pieces I believe.

If I am not mistaken, the Maxi Block was in the cardboard box.

Thats where we found ours, unless someone moved it over to there before I got to take a look in the kit

missing a servo, and i haven’t seen the Maxi block either…

I know we(662) are missing a few parts from the kit completly and others it says we should have 8 and we have 6

-Derek Provin
-Team 662
-Rocky Mountain Robotics

1 servo, several pneumatic parts, others… happened last year too, they’ll fix it.

We are missing the terminals bag, an IR FET thingy, resistors, a servo, some pneumatics stuff, and I don’t remember what else.

We, too, are missing a servo. It appeared that evereything else was there though.

>From FRC Parts:
Read Section 5.3.1 All instructions are listed on how to obtain missing or broken parts and get them replaced. Extra parts are at a real low this year, so we just please ask, make sure you look carefully for everything before faxing your list to FIRST looking for replacements. Teams only have until JAnuary 16, 2004 to determine what parts in the kit are missing and let FRCParts know. After that, it’s just too late.
ALso, Keep looking at the FIRST web site for updated parts information such as spec sheets and a listing of what parts will be available at competitions.

hope this helps you all