Who is team #1?

:yikes: I was just curious who happens to be team #1?

i believe their team name is the “juggernauts”

Where are they from? How did they recieve the honor of being called #1?

I didn’t even know there was a team #1!!!

When FIRST gave teams permanent numbers in 1998 they were assigned in alphabetical order using the team’s sponsor’s name.

So Team 1 had a sponsor with either a number, or “a” as the first letter, and thus received #1.

Do you know more about the #1?

They’re from oakland county in michigan just like us. We teamed with them at OCCRA (local compitition) finals and took first place.

Here is their website: http://www.juggernauts.org/

The Juggies sponsor until only a few years ago was 3-Dimensional Services. 3DS does rapid prototyping, which resulted in some VERY nice designs for the Juggernauts. Unfortunately, they stopped sponsoring the team during the recent recession :(.

Incedently, if you look at the teams from 1-200, you can see a general progression of Alphabetical Sponsors. All of the General Motors teams are grouped in the 60’s, the Delphi teams are in the 40’s, and the Xerox X-Cats are number 191. In 1999, the teams started being numbered first-come, first serve.

Hence the clump of UTC-sponsored teams in the 170s.

Until the revival of some of the older team numbers this year mainly for teams that “split” in half or reform.

Also note the NASA teams in the 110-120s.

Did I hear the story right that someone’s typo made 121 get wedged in with the NASA teams? (121 is the Rhode Warriors, sponsored by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and 122 is the NASA Knights, sponsored by…well, guess.)


Im a Juggernaut! 2005 Team Captain.

We are based out of Pontiac, Michigan. Students on this team attend a Technical School, Oakland Schools Technical Campus, NE.

The reason we are team #1 is, we had a sponsor, 3D Services, and in 1998 when they redrew the numbers, they started in numeric-alpha order, and 3D happened to be first!


You guys should play that nelly song when you bring the robot out. :slight_smile:

We saw them in Cleveland… that’s all I got…

As far as the numbering bit goes. When the numbers were permanently assigned, team 166 was sponsored by Texas Instruments, I believe.

If ever you want info about a team based on its number, you can access its FIRST profile by using the URL http://www.usfirst.org/frc/map/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=<number>
for example, team #1’s URL is http://www.usfirst.org/frc/map/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=1

and to head off further team number questions:
yes, there is a team 69 (from MA)
team 420 is from TX
there is no 666 (they decided to skip that number)
1024 are the Kil-A-Bytes and event hosts for IRI (1024 = 2^10, and 1024 bytes = 1 KB, and all of us robot folks ought to know that :wink: )
cool trivia

I am Coach on the Juggernauts team. He is a little history of the Team. The reason we have #1 is because of our original sponsor (3Dimensional Services). We are now sponsored by DaimlerChrysler. We have been involved in FIRST since 1997.

Definitely really cool. Have you guys had any success or any celebrity time being #1? :smiley:

Yup! The Juggernauts won Championships back in 1999.

I remember that!! Our drive team captain picked the allience at championships. He want the Juggernauts because they were already #1!!