who is the best capper in this game????

it is buging me i want to know what team can cap better then anyone esle i know hanging is so great but why hang when you can cap your way to being a winner. all i just want to know is what team has the best capper? (not saying this because i am the person that controls the capper for our robot and does great :smiley: :smiley: )

45 is probably one of the best ive seen.

1272 was pretty slick with that mobile goal capping, pretty darn consistent.

Teams 60 and 254 were by far the best cappers I saw all season long. They made it look easy.

nice capper in saw what 16. that is all i need to tell you look at there and see the wonder

Yea they use a suction cup works really well.

254/60 hands down!

I liked 107 - great performance in Grand Rapids.

980 had a great capper, they could get the ball fully in their control durring autonamous, which almost guarentees a cap in a match.

486 is the best we faced up against. They grabbed and lifted the ball during auton, as well as attached to the goal. They didn’t drop the ball as easily as other teams. I was very impressed when we faced up against them in the quarterfinals. Those were probably the most intense matches on the Newton field. Great job 486! Best overall is hard to determine, but I have to say 71 did a great job when capping the goal, they were able to push the ball way too far into the goal for any bot to get it out.

to me, the best capper would be the fastest and most efficient…

I gotta put my vote in for 303 and 358. Both teams had virtually the same capper and it was blazingly fast- just a pneumatic arm with a simple up-down chain… both teams often did it on the run- in my opinion 45 and others had a awesome robot, but their capping mechanism wasn’t great- it oftentimes took too long to set up and grip… (not to take anythng away from those teams, 45 is my favorite overall robot and y’all know how good they are, but this is about the best capper)

also- i loved 60 and 254’s tri-prong claws, as did I with 469’s four-pronger.

Besides my team :slight_smile: , i’m gonna go with the Technokats. With that long arm able to cap over 93…that was awesome!!

I don’t want to say my team, but I feel obligated to. 1023’s robot. We capped EVERY round at Detroit, multiple times on some occasions. The only time we did not is when our moter burned out in the semifinals. In one match we accidently pooped a ball, grabbed another tp cap the mobile goal, then proceded to cap the stationary goal, all with time to spare. I believe our capper was exceptional and we were really dissapointed to not go on to nationals. There is always next year tho!

Yea, we used a suction cup too, it worked great. We only used it to secure the ball so you couldn’t pull the ball off our tooling.

I would have to agree with eric and amyprib.

1272 from bloomington indiana had a great moblile goal design. I never saw them miss when picking up, and only once did the ball fall of when capping, because the had but 12 (yes 12) balls in the mobile and tried to capp. From them on the only put 11 in!!!

And 45 capper was amazing, great arm, fully rotational, could cap from any orientation.

read the previous post carefully!!! they pooped a ball!!!**

I’m in the same boat as NoRemorse…

121 has a really cool design for big balls. We have a lower arm that swings up and down with a thresher. This thresher can pick up a big ball off the ground and is also used for knocking the 10pt ball and moving mobile goals.

The upper arm also swings up and down, and has a belt. This belt sucks balls in, as opposed to the lower arm’s thresher, which sucks them up. Using these two arms, we can move and efficiently manipulate two big balls at the same time. I don’t think any other team can do that, really.

We have only missed 3 out of all attempted caps at all regionals/nationals combined. 1 at BAE, 1 at UTC, and one in GA. In our of our qualification matches at Nats, our match was stopped halfway through (1 minute was left), because a small ball hadn’t fallen out of the drop (or something like that). When they stopped the match, we had already capped two goals. During the rematch, we capped the two goals again, showing that we can cap four goals in less than 3 minutes.

I really really like 980s arm that can get the ball in autonomous. That is some amazing programming and engineering!

How many team capped and hung? We finally figured out to pull it off in the elimination matches at the Palmetto regional.

We did, quite well to if I may say so myself.

Both teams I mentioned (486 and 71) did too.

BTW I believe we capped in every match this year as well, at least almost every one. So, if its not too biased, I’ll have to add 67 to my list :wink: .

Many teams did that, among them 69, 121, and 126.

Too bad 69 didn’t come to nats. They would’ve made for some (even more) exciting matches.

I submit 179:

Tytus and Amanda did an excellent job :smiley:

Team 945 capped and hung i would say 80% of the time. The other 20% they most likely hung then capped.