Who is the best FRC role model?

Who do you think is the best FRC role model?

Individual or team?


I say FIRST a whole. I constantly hear stories from my younger sister about how badly players and even parents act during her volleyball and basketball tournaments. Refs refuse to call her schools matches anymore after a dad had to be lead out in handcuffs by the police. My sister herself has been scratched, pushed, shoved and bruised by opponents trying to get an edge on her. This stuff happens so often that its no longer considered shocking when people curse each other out over the turn out of a sixth grade volleyball game or for parents to verbally berate the opposing team (of sixth graders!!!). It seems like it’s only about winning for her, not about fun, learning or the experiences.

This is where I think FIRST is a great roll model, not only for the students that take part but the sports world in general. I have never, ever experienced any thing but friendly ribbing and good-natured quips at a competition. Those who see fit to bash another team will find themselves, not their target, looked down on by the community. My sister was amazed by the fact that FIRST teams are willing to let each other borrow a $700 C RIO (thank you Daisy) while she can’t even get a bottle of water from opponents at a basketball game. FIRST’s ideal is what all sport’s teams should aspire to.

The best FRC role models are the Hall of Fame teams. If I had to narrow those down to one team right now - it would FRC 16, Bomb Squad. The work that Bomb Squad is doing in Arkansas is hard tough work and they do it. Every day. They are growing FIRST the hard way, making it happen one region at a time, one team at a time, one sponsor at a time. Their impact is phenomenal and it will continue to be for years to come.