Who is the best "low focus" cycler?

Since reveal videos are starting to appear on here I thought I would make a topic for people to make their case for who they think the best “low focused” cycler is.

I’m basically doing this because I really enjoyed the 1836 vs 4607 beef of last season.

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Only time will tell:)

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True, I suppose I might have jumped the gun.

I hope to see a lot of responses after week 1!

This will be very critical for elims because of the pure amount of points some of these low specialist will be able to put up. So far just watching week 0 it looks like the number to be is 8 cycles. I’m almost certain we will be seeing close to teens by the end of week 1, when some of these big teams go undefended.

I’m waiting to see 5499’s robot. They have been a top notch low cycler two years in a row.


Since they’re a team that typically builds a full bot and absolutely destroys, and this year decided to specialize low, I would place a lot of money that 1339 will be heavily featured in this discussion after their regionals:

Also I haven’t seen 1011’s bot this year yet, but as the team that in my opinion popularized the “mastering low” mentality (see their 2016 regional win, 2017 regional & champs win) I’m sure they’ll come out with something great if they decide to go low again.


It won’t be us this year :slight_smile:


I think 254 will be the best at low cycles


And high cycles and sandstorm and teleop and climbing.

I haven’t seen too many so far, but for a rookie team 7407 looks great. They took the everybot and made some improvements, and I really think they’ll be effective.

We decided to focus on scoring low this year, I’m sure we won’t be the best but we’ll see how it plays out

I want to see what 7179 will end up doing this year. As much as I want them to build a full bot, I would love to see them specialize in quick cycles, especially after last year.


I’ll also be watching 2655 closely after their success last year with a low bot


Unfortunately while I won’t personally be executing the hype train this season, I have my suspicions…


I’m excited to see what 1836 comes up with this year

1011 was an excellent switch bot last year as well. We had the privilege of playing a quals match with them at Houston and they absolutely dominated the exchange and switches. This game seems right up their alley.


2655 was one of my favorite teams on Turing last year. We were disappointed when they got scooped up in alliance selections before we could get to them. Their driving and drive coaching was unreal. They were always exactly at the spot on the field that they needed to be.


I’m voting this team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su5ETzqAs_I

Just to be official 2910 won this hands down.


Without a doubt, absolutely 2910.