Who is the best necromancer?

This is a game to see who can be the best thread necromancer. The best necromancer is the person who waits the longest after the previous post on this thread before posting a reply. For example, if I am the first person to reply to this thread 10 minutes after the original post, I am the best necromancer. If, 20 minutes after that post, person A posts a reply, they hold the new record, so they become the best necromancer. If, 15 minutes after that post, person B replies, nothing happens because person A still has a better record.

In order to stop the best necromancer from being too powerful. The current best necromancer is not allowed to post twice in a row. If they do, their post does not change their record time or reset the time since the “previous post.”

Who will be the best necromancer? Let’s find out.


I would wait longer, but I’m trying to keep at least a minimum amount of sleep away from CD…

Now I wait…

Woot woot temporary necromancy!

sounds cool, i’ll take the lead for now

5 hours and 30 minutes? This is the kind of thread I hope turns into the quotes thread.

7 hours 56 minutes is to beat.

8 hours, 34 minutes. Get on my level. :wink:

Goals: wait until the longest gap is over 24 hours and then just reply to this thread at midnight each night to prevent anyone from becoming the best necroposter.

Hello there folks.

12 hours!

well, 11 hours 58 minutes

4 minutes!

I just wanted to set a pr for myself.

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22 hours 57 minutes.

26 hours 40 minutes.

Claiming my own made up title.

33 hours and 54 minutes.

45 hours and four minutes.

45 hours 5 min.

47 hours.

1 hour 37 minutes. Do i win?

64 hours 55 minutes.

73 hours and 38 minutes.

9 minutes wooo