Who is this mentor?

Cincinnati OH mentor who teaches physics and autocrosses a Miata on weekends? Too cool.

7x14 trailer? Sounds like a serious team.

Oh, just a guess:


Yep, that’s me. I had no idea they were using my submission so that was a fun surprise!

My wife is already tired of the reminders that “I’m a cool dad.” :smiley:

Anyone interested in making a ChiefDelphi 24 hrs. of Lemons Car?

I feel like we would need to show up 24 hours before the start of the race with various kits of parts and just start building it at the event to show them what Rookie FRC can look like…::ouch::

Former Spec Neon and Former 24 Hrs. of Lemons Racer (also ran a couple “chump car” races).

How would we display the animated GIFs?

(I appreciate the wisdom on tow vehicles, f’real. I hope I never have to buy one myself though, I like my Prius!)

The first comment has the real answer to his question and it is to look at a used Cayenne. Been there, done that. It was a great ride, towed really well, and for $25K you can get a decent one and have plenty of cash left for any contingency issues like a driveshaft bushing replacement or whatever else.

I swapped it and my AMG for a Ford Raptor last year though.

I’m game!!!

So did you make a final decision yet?

It was neat to read this article on Jalopnik this morning and then find this thread on CD.

I didn’t bother reading the comments on the article but I think the best answer is a used 5th generation 4Runner. You should be able to find one in your budget if you are okay with about 50,000 miles on the clock and 5-7 years of age.

I think Marshall’s suggestion is probably the most fun but you’ll have to commit to an emergency fund for repairs as well as time in your schedule to visit the mechanic. Can’t beat the Tacoma/4Runner reliability and resale!

I’m game!

To propose an alternative: I am absolutely enamored with my GX470. For the budget proposed, a GX460 is also an option. It’s basically a nicer 4Runner with higher reliability and better used-vehicle pricing. It tows our 7x18ft (?) trailer well.

And it can still off-road, which really freaks some people out.

And it can still off-road, which really freaks some people out.

Well add me to that list, I’d be hard pressed to see a Lexus go through some of the pot holes around here.

I’ve been looking at the Ford Transit Connect Passenger Van as a choice. It tows 2,000 lbs which isn’t enough to do what you want, but my second choice, the full size Transit will pull 6,000 lbs.

Good luck on your search.

We used a 2005 Durango to tow our neon from Detroit to San Francisco in about 51 hours. Room for 5 with tools and limited “clothes”… it was a crazy fun trip.
We did have to stop for chains to get through Donner’s Pass.

Here is a good build blog from a friend:

Too bad the 24hrs at Sonoma, CA is the same weekend I’m at a teacher conference in Pasadena (So Cal).