Who is using a turret

Are you planning on using a turret for 2013? Ultimate Ascent

Due to the nature of the game piece we found a turret hard to integrate as well as the fact that the slot is so wide


Are YOU planning on using a turret for 2013?

  • Sunny G.

I can sure see the benefits, but it does complicate things. It is still to be decided

By turret do you mean side to side or up and down or both? If anything we would be using a up and down turret.

A turret implies rotational motion. (What I assume you are referring to as “side to side”.) Up and down would be one of two things: Changing the elevation of the shooter OR changing the angle of launch. I also am taking the liberty of assuming you are referring to the latter and changing the angle of launch.

We’re going to use a shooter that can change the angle of elevation, but we’re not installing a turret because:
A. The mechanical complexity isn’t worth the gains
B. We can get the same accuracy from physically turning our robot with gyro feedback as we would get with a pivoting turret.