Who is using the openFIRST system?

Some of you (and definitely all of the staff) are becoming curious as to just who is making use of the openFIRST system on their web site.

As for the team sites I am aware of:

Port Perry Robotics (1006)

Archangel Robotics (1049)

Sinclair Sprockets (1075)

In addition to team sites, there are, of course, openFIRST sites run using our own technology :slight_smile: Such as:

openFIRST Main Site (includes live demo, basic project info)

openFIRST Update Server (serves version check):

So, what do you other people think? Anyone know of more openFIRST sites? I myself, and I’m sure the other openFIRST team members, are becoming curious as to just who’s making use of the openFIRST system :slight_smile:

just so you know, a few of the links in the openFIRST system dont work properly, for instance, the edit post link (for admins), and the edit team announcement on the members page doesnt work

Am I correct in guessing that this is in the nightly builds? Recently, the members module has had some new functionality added by Dave DiBiase which has not yet been fully tested. This includes the edit team announcement section. However, thanks for pointing this out. When it comes time to audit the members module before its release (should be fairly soon, but there’s some other things in it that need to be upgraded first, such as the version of phpicalendar), I’ll be extra careful to watch for this and fix it if no one else gets to it first.

Hmm well that could not have been me, since I didnt make any changes that would have effected what he is talking about.

I might have an idea of where these bugs are in other modules not developed by me. I will source them out and report them to the appropriate developer.

Thanks for the bug report.