Who Killed JFK?

Inspired by the “The question to end all questions” thread,I think this one is a good idea.

There has been a lot of questioning about who exactly killed JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald (in my opinion) didn’t kill him, but I dont know exactcly who did. The CIA, The Mafia, and the Russians all had good reasons, but who actually did it?

Wait–JFK was negotiating an end to the nuclear arms standstill and the Russians had reason to off him?! And he was quite a bit softer on te Mafia issue than his successor. I ask you–who had motive to kill JFK? I honestly can’t think of any–except for a raving lunatic.

I just happen to have presented a thesis on this for Grade 10 History class.

E. Howard Hunt (who coincidentally happened to have ties to the CIA, the Mafia, and later became one of the Watergate burglars) and his CIA friends killed JFK. There were at least two shooters. They were part of a joint effort between the Mafia and the CIA to kill JFK.

JFK and his Attorney General (brother, Robert) were cracking down on organized crime, who may have in the past helped his administration come into power. Also, Kennedy disliked the CIA and was cutting spending on it wildly. He also, in their minds, didn’t handle things well in the Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis, getting CIA people killed. Recall the Bay of Pigs was a CIA/Mafia effort with no military personnel at all. After that fiasco, CIA agents involved in the Bay of Pigs and Mafia bosses resumed their working relationship through people like David Ferrie, who worked for Carlos Marcello, a mob boss, and for the CIA on the Bay of Pigs.

Then, JFK’s head exploded, and the Western world mourned.

I have no clue…but i do know that it was predicted in the original bible (written in Hebrew). The “bible code” also predicted the Roswell incedent (including UFOs) and other historical events.

why would the bible predict the assasination and thereafter conspiracy surrounding a president and his brother in an America many many years after it was written? I can tell you this: if you bible thumpers hadn’t claimed it was about JFK, you would’ve pinned it to one of ther other presidential assasinations.

As for the mafia, dont forget that old johnny had been sleeping with the mafia bosse’s little daughter. thus the motive for the mafia boyz.