Who knows about any informal post-championship competition

Does anyone anything about any post-championship events? I think I remember seeing a flier circulating advertising one, and I heard rumors of others.


Lots of fun… registration is full… but spots may open up if you sign up and get on the list…

It’s tons of fun- ask any of the teams that attend… Registration was full after only a couple hours :slight_smile:

Brunswick Eruption

November 23rd
North Brunswick, NJ

You want to be there!!!

See the “Off Season Competition” threads


alright another jersey team that may be going.
come on by brunswick eruption! tons of fun, plus additional events other than the usual game. we’re keeping those secret for now though… a kind of surprise…

Hi Scott,

Team Ford FIRST is again hosting the Sweet Repeat in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

We will register 24 teams for this October competition.

Email or call me for more information, as our new web site is still under construction.

	Susan Krussell
	248 375 5722