Who likes the Thunderchickens?

229 likes the thunderchickens…

Thanks guys for being great pit partners. We definitely enjoyed the experience of being so close to the chicken-coop.

In honor of our new friendship, I figured I’d share this website:


Try it… you might like it.

(I think that’s Paul in the suit, but I’m not sure ;))


I LOVE THUNDER CHICKENS! I got my first other team shirt from them this past Champs. You guys rock.

My Picture of me in my shirt:

I’m avoiding bathing in an attempt to keep my ThunderChickens tattoo fresh for as long as possible… eeeewwww, stinky chicken!

just kidding, btw… but I do have a thing for guys with feathers

I think the thread would be shorter if you asked “Who doesn’t like the Thunder Chickens?” Actully, I don’t think the thread would even exist. The Thunder Chickens are an amazing team. Having breakfast for whoever wants it at MULPIPLE competitions, making a special autonomus program just for Team 93, making that little news paper at their competitions (FOUR at the Championship). The Thunderchickes are really a team to be looked up to by all FIRSTers.

I bow down to them!

Congrats on a sucessfull season, and Thank You for picking us in the eliminations at Midwest.

I would be a ThunderChicken, had I graduated a few years later than I did ('98).

Go HFII Falcons!

I think the Thunderchickens are wicked Copioli!!! :smiley:

Definatly Like the thunder chickens, although Copioli did prove his team name, when it came time to join the bear hug list :wink:

I just love the Thunderchickens. I first met Eric Gargus on the team when they were still “Team McComb” (ooooh, what an impressive name!). Then, Eric introduced me to that crazy Italian and it was all downhill from there.

Did you all know that the Copioli brothers are REALLY bad at darts? V-Neun and I totally out-darted them one night in Atlanta. I guess that it’s hard to throw a dart when you are a chicken. :slight_smile:

Andy B.

Like my teamate said before, you guys picked us, how coudl we not love you??? Being an animator in the past, I have always loved your animations, and this year was no exception.

I think the most rememberable moment for the 2004 year with 217 had to be at MR. “Ummmm, I don’t think so (pause) graciouslly”. Yes their was a reason behind why that happened, but it was just funny overall.

a special thanks to mike copioli for helping 234 save valuable time in figuring out that all we needed to do is replace a victor and not a drill motor (granted we still needed to later in the day Friday). of course…when he figured it out the manufacturing engineer, aeronautical engineer, and two future Mechanical engineers looked at him and said “you mean the little fan thingy?”

“Am I smoking crack or something?”

Thanks again mike.

HA HA… Type in “Cartwheel”… lol

try “destroy TV”…not the desired results, but entertaining just the same…

They got worse, we got better.

I guess you just can’t compete with pure talent like ours.
Better luck next year boys. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s not to like?!? Green shirts, scary chicken pictures, and some really fun people. They’re like family now.

How could anyone not?
They are great people,
They have a great name,
A sweet animation,
Cool shirts,
Awsome robot,
and They picked us at Midwest.
Thunderchickens RULE!

Those chickens are great, uh, people. They (Paul, Mike, and one of the student programmers) gave me significant help this year when I was trying to understand Generate_pwms(). Thanks guys.

On the way back from Motorola Midwest Regional, our student bus stopped for the team to eat dinner. The Thunderchickens pulled in behind them. It was then that our team learned why the chickens crossed the road - they were going to Burger King.


The thunderchickens are awesome. We were fortunate to have them on our alliance in Newton this year. It was cool cheering with you guys and Paul, it was cool hanging out with you during alliance selection.

You guys are awesome!

I like the ThunderChickens plenty…from the mascots, to the rubber chicken keychains, to the green hair and the silly cheering. the ThunderChickens are a great team, friendly and inspiring. I look forward to seeing more teams like them and seeing them again in the future.

Who wouldn’t like the Thunderchickens???

I know that I do…

First of all, they give COOL team trading stuff in the pits (eggs, tatoos, etc…), including Shirts (you have to win them though)(I hope they are there at IRI this summer, so I can buy one)

Second of all, they know their robots, help us out in the pits, and have great team spirit and gracious professionalsim

Thirdly, they are all colored green at the competitions. Their hair and face are painted/dyed a bright green. That is cool.


First off, thanks for all the kind words. Anyone who knows us knows we try to keep it fun, but also really like to play well with robots. I am just happy that we can make a little bit of difference in all of your lives.


Nice way to take the subject of one thread and roll it into another. Bonus points for anyone (except Jess) that can tell me what “Copioli” means in that sentance.

Now for you deviants (Big Mike & Andy in particular):

Big Mike, Maybe you should be a little better at giving bearhugs. A 185 pound guy like me should be no match for you, but I gave you just the slightest resistance and you couldn’t get it done. I tried to make you work for the bearhug, and you just caved like a little Mike. It’s not your fault, though, your used to giving bearhugs to wimps like Baker. Maybe you can get me at IRI (doubt it) …


Why don’t you tell the truth? Who won the first game by a landslide?? The Copioli Brothers! Who felt bad for you and John V. and let you win the second game??? As I recall, it is all tied up 1 -1 and you just got yourself a game 3. Seriously, John V. is a horrible dart player (sorry John) and you are pretty darn good. The first game it was like it was 2 v. 1. The second game was more like 1 1/2 v. 1 1/2. Now you have opened your mouth and the challenges have begun.