Who likes the Thunderchickens?

Oh yeah, I forgot one thing:

I feel I need to explain the whole “Ummmm …I don’t think so … graciously” incident. We slid up to the number 8 seed on Saturday at the MidWest regional and were not at all prepared (we usually are very prepared). We had about 8 teams on our list of who we wanted as partners (both 93 and 107 were on that list) and being number 8 meant we really needed about 16. Knowing both our picks would probably be gone by the time it got to us I told our student representative (who is also our lead animator) to accept if anyone picked us. Well, the team seeded just ahead of us picked us, but 93 and 107 were still available so I tried to get a last minute signal out to decline.

This confused our student rep and he was unsure if he should decline. That is where the “Ummm … I don’t think so???” came from. He got horribly booed so, thinking quick on his feet, he stepped in and said, “graciously” everyone laughed; but I felt horrible. Anyway, we ended up getting both 93 and 107; but karma(sp?) got the best of us and our arm broke just prior to starting the elims (darn potentiometers). 93 and 107 almost pulled it off. Your teams are amazing. Anyway, I thought I would share that story with all of you.


Hmm… that is right, we are tied. I do agree with your assesment of the dart neophyte V-Neun. He throws darts like he is shoving a shot put. Who shoots a dart from their neck? Once he closed his eyes, he got better. I knew that we were in trouble when he said “what is cricket?” Amazingly, he got better as we went through the rounds. Maybe he was trying to impress the chicks… or in this case, the Thunderchickens.

If John can make it to IRI, that is where the rematch will happen.

Andy B.

The Thunderchickens were the best pit partners i’ve experienced in 5 years of FIRST, they were the most helpful and upbeat team i saw at the championship, and i was thirlled when they made the finals. With another great team the Poofs, i had them as my favorite for the division, tough loss guys, best of luck at IRI and in the future.

Chris C
College Mentor/Pit head on 229

I go to school with a ThunderChicken…Bit unforunate, as he’d be on 818 if he hadn’t begun his FIRST career with 217. We’d love to have him, but he’s not going to switch teams now…

I’ve never had problems with 217, and they’re a lot of fun to be around. Yeah…I like the ThunderChickens.

I’m a bit surprised that neither of the Swandos have appeared in this thread yet…

Betrayed by my own partner… :frowning:
That’s it…
I’m breaking out our dartboard TONIGHT.
Who needs to study for finals? There is honor at stake.

I learn fast,
By IRI, I’ll be more than a match for you old guys.

(It’s allright Andy… make fun of my dart game all you want… we still kicked your butt at Pool in NH. To bad you dragged your dad down with you.)

I think the ThunderChickens are a great team. They are very nice, and have a wicked sweet mascot! :smiley:

Welllllllllll I remember many years ago when the conversation came up at a parent teachers conference ( for Brandon - at Utica Ford II ). They started at the Chief Delphi Invitational, got infected by FIRST and look at them now.

What a great team, from A great school - Utica Ford is one of the best High Schools in the Nation. Did I mention both of my boys graduated from there:).

Yep. We are one of the many teams that got into FIRST because of Chief Delphi. Specifically, the CDI competition. We are here because of CD. We are much more than just Henry Ford II HIgh. We have students from 7 high schools in Macomb county.

yeah really who doesn’t like this team??? if u don’t u sort of have problems then— but a lot of teams are cool and well i know S.P.A.M. luvs a lot of teams and the Thunderchickens are just one of many :slight_smile:

The thunderchickens rock! I got a t-shirt from them (thanks to my girlfriend). Playing cards. And the chance to take a picture with them too! Here!

They were awesome people. (I also got that Metal-In-Motion shirt while I was there. MiM rocks.)
Nats was awesome I wish I coulda stayed longer.

Thunderchickens have a great team - awesome robot, great animation, cool looking shirts :slight_smile: I’d love to have a Thunderchickens shirt… I’d be willing to trade one of my cyber blue shirts for one of them if any of you thunderchickens are willing :]


I need one order of Thunderchicken, extra crispy.
Yes, I would like fries with that.

OK… go ahead and super-size it.

What, only $2.17!? Sweet.

The best (funniest) part of the story was added by our Captain on the field. The 217 student could not see Paul, so one of the “fully dressed” chickens stood up and frantically shook his head back and forth to signal “No”. Most of us could not see it in person, but the replay is hilarious!!!

I think the whole event will be remembered as a funny moment, not a negative GP moment!

LoL Gotta love them chickens, I used their those little rubber chickens they were giving out to reset our soleniods on our suspension after each match on friday and saturday of nats.

Most handy tool I think they’ve invented since the screw driver.

What kind of sauce would you like with that sir?

Hey, give me a break! I had 8 hours of class today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ryan, I’ll trade with you if you go to IRI or the Kettering Kickoff. I’d love a Cyber Blue shirt. :smiley:

I’d just like to add that it’s an honor and a privilage to have been on team 217 since the beginning of time (1999). My FIRST experience has been a leading focus to my life, and the ThunderChickens have helped me through some tough times. I’d like to stand up and thank my awesome team, and shout, “I’m Proud to be Chicken! A THUNDERCHICKEN!!!

Woo hoo! I love my homepeeps (what what Sterling Heights!). I go to private school so I can’t be with them but they ROCK man!

Oh young Lisa … We don’t care if you go to private school, we don’t care if you are home schooled … If you live in Macomb County, especially Sterling Heights, you are more than welcome to be a Chicken. But your a Juggy and that’s cool, too.

The Thunderchickens are awesome. Really great animation, btw.

Besides, if I said anything bad about you guys, Chelsea would kill me. ^_~’

Thunderchickens are a great team with alot of imagination and a great spirit. A very fun team. I hope to see more of them.