Who moves on?

Hi guys,

So I’m currently in the middle of a debate with a few other members of my team, and none of us know who is right or wrong. Basically, the question is this:

Does Chairman’s Award at district events move both your robot and team to the district finals, or just your team?


The robot gets to compete at the district championship, as well as your team for the award.

Winning the Chairman’s Award at a district advances your team (including robot) to your District Championship, where your team can compete for the District Championship Chairman’s Award, which would advance your team (including robot) to the World Championship if you win it.

However, if you win the Engineering Inspiration or Rookie All-Star Awards at a district, your team (but NOT your robot) advances to the District Championship, where you can submit for the District Championship Engineering Inspiration or Rookie All-Star Award. Winning either of those at the District Championship level will qualify your team (including robot) to the World Championship.

So here’s where we get confused:

Dana Henry, one of the lead mentors in all of New England told us that the Chairman’s Award does not advance the robot.

Does anyone know where in the game manual we can confirm this?


Here ya go:

It’s on page 56 of the Administrative Manual, by the way, in case you don’t believe Ryan :slight_smile:

Thanks, that really clears things up.

Just one more question: if a team wins the Chairman’s Award at the District Finals, does the robot move on to the FIRST Championships or just the team presenting?


By ‘District Finals’ I’m assuming you mean ‘District Championship’? If so, then yes, the robot moves on as well:

Just to clarify:

I know you are asking mainly about Chairman’s.

Yes, EI or Rookie All-Star awards do not automatically advance a Robot to district championships, but you can still compete with your robot in district champs if you have enough points accumulated through your (first) two events, in addition to your award. The good news is, you already have 8 district points that many other teams don’t have because you won the award.

Just food for thought for teams reading this, since the previous posts did not clarify this point.

Does Chairman’s Award winners at district events take away from the overall number of spots available at the district championship? I was asked this same question yesterday and knew that earning the Chairman’s Award got you to states but couldn’t remember how that affects the total number of spots.

Yes, Chairmans award winners fill spots that they may or may not have gotten based on points. There is a set number of spots at a district championship, and a set number of Chairmans winners in a district, so you know how many spots are filled by Chairmans teams. However last year in NE, all of the Chairmans award winners would have qualified based on points anyways.

Thats what I thought but wanted to make sure I was giving out the right information. Thank you.