Who needs Chief Dephi !

Let me explain…

That was a question, not a statement.

Who out there needs Chief Delphi (CD)?

And the clear answer is “We all do”, every day and every night during build season and beyond…

Last night, as I was sitting in bed concerned that CD wasn’t coming up on my iTouch, I wondered how expensive and time consuming it must be to manage a community forum as active as this one.

I’ve done a little forum management in my time (can you say Jazzercise) and I know how demanding it (and it’s followers) can be. So I was thinking how cool it would be if we all said “thanks” in a tangible way.

Then just today I came across the thread about being a CD “subscriber” for the measly amount of $5 for 6 months. So naturally I did just that (opting for the 2 year version)

But then I though… what about all the CD minions out there that ALSO didn’t know anout this way to pay homage to CD.

So here it is.

Go to http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/payments.php? and sign up for $5.

Do it NOW OK? Immediately! Don’t think about it!

Just pull out your PayPal account number and go for it.

Treat it like any other instant gratification… iTune, ring tone, starbucks etc.

You’ll feel great… trust me.

Lets create a HUGE surge of appreciation… RIGHT NOW…

OK, I’m done.

Remember, I know who you are and whether you’re on the “Supporters” list…

I’ll be coming back to check on you later :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder Phil, I meant to do this when I read about it in the other thread you referenced, but I forgot.

This is a great way to show a small token of our appreciation for this website.

Today is my husband John’s birthday. What a great (and cheap!) gift. I better go get busy on the cake:) Thanks for the reminder.

I absolutely agree with you- we all do need Chief Delphi. It’s an amazing resource, and we should be forever grateful to the people who put in so much time and effort to keep it going for us. They’re all working behind the scenes, and we end up taking it for granted most of the time. THANK YOU!!!

(Unfortunately, I am PayPal-less and credit card-less, so I can’t really donate any money to CD… but I still mean my thank-you in the sincerest way possible.)

I figured that I spent a lot of time on this sight… and I enjoy the community… so why not?

I chipped in for the 2-years. :smiley:

Unfortunately, I am too…but I’m working on it!

I Need Chief Delphi!

(And I also needed a reminder to tell me that my subscription expired.)

Go to http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/payments.php? and sign up for $5.

THANKS for the link. I was unaware.

Today is my husband John’s birthday. What a great (and cheap!) gift.

And my wife had a birthday last month so I think she will be happy I bought a 2 year subscription! :slight_smile:

I think the team behind CD would really appreciate a few bucks to help them run this awesome resource! :slight_smile:

I get paid this week, so I’ll pitch in as soon as I can. Thanks for reminding us, Phil!

If there are some that don’t have paypal I would suggest contacting Mike Martus and he can probably arrange a way for you to contribute.

Do you really want to show your gratification for CD!?!? If so I say don’t opt for the 2-years, go for the 6 months because CD will remind you every 6 months that you do appreciate it. It’s $5 more bi-anually, but seriously, that’s just $5. I barely post here anymore and I still pay it because it has made that big of an impact in my life.
EDIT: Proud supporter since 7/19/2009 here! : )