who needs spare parts

Posted by nick237.

Engineer on team #237, sie h2o bots, from Watertown high school ct and sieman co.

Posted on 9/30/2000 6:54 PM MST

Our team 237 ‘Sie H2o Bots’ ran the H.E.R.O.‘Helping every Robot organisation’ Booth last year at
the Hartford Regionals and at the Nationals.
We have a ton of stuff left over including three boxes of parts that we picked up at the River Rage
free Tag sale a few weeks ago. If any one is desperate for a part and we have it then Email me with
what you need at [email protected]
Put what you want and where to send it and it will be sent. If you need it by yesterday then we will
FED EX it but let me know if its an emergency.
Nick Reynolds.
Team 237 Sie H2o Bots.