Who Owns This Goal


The following situation came up. The Red tetra is on the Blue, but the Blue is higher. The Red vertex is within 6 inches, the Blue isn’t. I say Red owns the goal. What do you thinK?

I agree that Red owns the goal since it appears that the Red is on top of the blue, even though the blue is higher (interesting little paradox). How was it that the tetras got in that position (i e, in which odrer were they placed onto the goal?)

I say Red but at the actual competition, it may depend upon the opinion of the referee. Red will most likely get the points. :]

Well i guess it would be the blue since the rules say that the tetra must be completely on the tetra or it isn’t counted as on it.

Well,now that I think about it red is on completely.How did he do that anyone know?

We were messing around, putting tetras on two at a time, and they got tangled. This is unlikely to happen during competition, but we need to thank about all the ‘angles.’

red owns the goal if the blue tetra is more than 6 inches away from the vertex.

It is a question of interpretation, but the rules do state that the tetra that is physically higher gets ownership, so I’m going to break the trend and go with blue.

Has anyone asked this in an update?


If blue is indeed in scoring position (the 6" rule and stuff) then I would say blue because if you look at the back corner it shows that blue was put on top slightly after red was.

yeah, but for that to happen blue has to be “scored” which, according to FIRST, means within 6"

How did you even manage to get the tetras in that position anyway? Seriously. Do you even think the tetras will get in that position in a match anyway?

Read the thread before you ask questions.

In opinion non of them will owns the goal.
see the pic I draw.



Please keep discussion on topic… the original poster asked which would be scored, not whether or not the tetras could indeed get in that position (Which they OBVIOUSLY did since there’s a picture of them).

It probably will as we did the exact same thing while testing.

For anyone who is confused, it looks like the blue tetra was horizontally inserted (nested) inside the red tetra, and then both were put on the tower together. I say blue is on top, because each vertex of blue is above the corresponding vertex on red. However, blue is probably not within the 6" measure, so red gets the tower.

I agree. But if I was the ref, at first glance I would give it to red. But after further inspection I’d go with blue. :]

I don’t think this is an unlikely thing at all.

If red comes in from one side and blue comes in from the other, I think it is likely that the tetras may meet above the goal and perhaps nest like this (it is quite easy if both robots are trying to get their tetra above the goal and one grabs by the apex of the tetra and other grabs by the bar).

In this case, once one or the other sees the nesting they are likely to let go rather than risk the rules for taking a tetra off the top.

In this case I think it is likely that the situation pictured will happen.

My ruling would be that Nonbody owns this goal. Neither seated properly, so neither count as a stack.

I don’t think that is how the rules are, but that is how I would like them to be.

Joe J.

A check of the definition of “scored” and “stacked” proves that neither the red nor the blue tetras are stacked on the black tetra.


So then the only way more points could be scored on this goal, or that the goal can change ownership is by removing these two tetras which would now be legal?