Who reads Slashdot?

There was a time (about 10 weeks ago) when i check http://slashdot.org daily. Then FIRST came along and CD took over all my free web time. I’m sure plenty of FIRSTers are Slashdoters so i decided to search slashdot only to find that there hasn’t been a post about FIRST since the beginning of the 2003 season. Has anyone tried submitting anything recently? Im kinda surprised that there isnt anything more recent.

i use mozilla firefox with tabbed browsing and 2 of my tabs are CD and slashdot

btw did you see that robot made from mini coopers a few weeks ago?

I read Slashdot every couple hours. I have moderator access there :smiley:

$@#$@#$@#$@# you got me beat…

The first time i went on Slashdot in probably 5 weeks was just now to do that search.

If only CD had moderation and FP didnt mean Fisher Price…

ooo man, your number is probably soo low, you are soooo cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just kidding. How’d you get to be a mod?

CD does have moderators and they do a great job…but you hardly see them because the FIRST community is for the most part respectful of one another

Well I’m not exactly a moderator. I don’t think there are true moderators. I just receive mod access a couple days a week. Which gives me the ability to rate posts. I’ve been reading slashdot daily for almost 4 years now. So it takes about 2 or 3 years to get mod access.
FYI: My user id is 529,104 and my karma is excellent.

448,595. I average about 5 posts a year on slashdot :wink:

It’s my homepage…I love it.
Moderator? Like, with 5 mod points?? Or…what? 'Cause you just need positive karma and to check slashdot at a reeasonable rate for that.

I’m 670317 but I lurk ((like i do here :-P)) and I read for about 4 months before I got an account.
Slashdot…is fun :slight_smile:

Surf to slashdot once a week or so… I live on Webmasterworld.com

Other than during the FIRST season, Slashdot is practically my home page.

I can’t believe how long it has been since I even loaded the page.

Life is finite, one thing crowds out another…

Joe J.

i would have to say this is one of my fav sories of all time and it is kinda FIRST related…but really it just puts me in awwwwww of this man

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… 8O

Pretty much the same goes for me. I haven’t been to Slashdot since before Build started.

My UID is 135069, but I only have 7 comments.

I seem to have you all beat: 123226. Of course, I seldom log in and haven’t posted in over a year. I tend to post whenever there’s an article about FIRST though.


UID = 643,814

I spend most of my days at work on Slashdot, especially when there is nothing better to do. I’ve only been registered for about a year, but I get 5 mod points once a week, and meta-moderate virtually every day.

A lot of the stories and comments posted are very interesting and worth a read, even if it means weeding through a few trolls.

I’m 567,934, I read every day, and get mod points about twice a week.

Pretty much anyone who has had an account for a few months (they throw out the newest few thousand accounts when assigning mod points), and clicks on articles an average amount of times (so infrequent visitors and obssessive fan-boys are less likely to get points), and has positive karma (similar to reputation here) is eligible for mod points. I guess I am just very average.

Heh… you guys are all Slashdot newbies :cool:


We’re not worthy. You must be an internet forum pioneer! :yikes:

im 615250, I live on slashdot but rarely post