Who says an Apple product can't have a virus? Not Apple.


I hope there is a way to distinguish between the ones that were shipped with the viruses and the ones that weren’t.

I was going to get an iPod video this last quarter of '06 but now am not so sure.
I hope there is a way to recall the affected ones. (by date of manufacture or something).

Is it really that big of a deal? Less than 1% (available for purchase after 9/12/06) of video iPods are affected and it’s easily removable.

You will also notice that they only effect computers running the Windows operating system. Who would want one of those? :rolleyes:

Someone trying to do damage writes a virus for that device. there is not much desire to damage a device (Macintosh operating system) that is not popular enough to have an effect on most people and businesses. likewise it’s not very profitable to make software for such machines either. most of the computers on the planet have some form of windows operating system so most programs and viruses are made for them. with the Huge popularity of the ipod i see a multitude of nasty little viruses worms and Trojans in there future.