Who spent their holiday on FIRST?

How many teams worked today?
We worked from around 8 am to 3 pm, and got a bunch of stuff done, like most of the field, and a cool prototype.
Anyone else agree with me that the best way to spend a holiday is to work on the robot all day?

We definitely spent the entire day at work (9AM to 4 PM). Yay for us! We’re driving and the award submissions are nearly done! Jeez… We’re productive this year… I think it’s because of all that Chipotle…

im at the school right now! ive been studying for mid-term exams as well! YAY MULTI TASKING!!!

we got here at 12 and have been working still, and we plan to leave atleast at 10 PM

Our sub-system groups all met on their own at various locations today (or @ my house, seemed like a popular meeting location…). Each grouped worked different hours, most from sometime around noon-4ish.

I wish that i got to spend my holiday doing FIRST stuff. My brother did, bet involed makeing a prototype shoote at my house, by himself, with me helphing him a bit (holding stuff)

Our team has been working from 10 am and now its 2:30pm and we are still going

My team was planning to, but ended up not doing it because someone had to open the school and some people weren’t able to show up anyway. But we get the whole day tomorrow to work on it! :slight_smile:
(after finals 4-day weekend)

12-6…on another note some of us spent 34 1/2 hours on the New Years eve ball between Christmas and New Years eve.

675 was working. 6-8 of us were in the shop at all times from 8:45am-2:30pm except when a few people ran off to get food/drinks

lots of progress on the electronics and pneumatics

We worked from 4:30 to 8 pm. I think we hav all design done and have started building a bit.

yeah our school still had school. Purdue didn’t have any classes though. Unfortunately my class doesn’t meet on modays. But yeah we got alot done still. I have been CADing the robot since the beggining of the weekend. My mother came up to the room the other day to make sure if i was still alive. Alls seems well though with this rookie team so far. Ask me that qusetion again during 5th or 6th week and I might have a different answer. :slight_smile:

nope my team decided not to hold a meating today . . and I nearly died from the 3 days of non work.

we had to work…poor us…if at first it doesn’t work…use a hammer…s\if it still doesn’t work…use a bigger hammer…

and continue until it finally works…

Some of our students got together today. We finished our Inventor sketches of the frame & stuff. And played pool and Halo 2. Yep.

Team 306 worked from 7 to about 2:30. We worked on hubs for our wheels, and on a ball shooter prototype.

Unfortunately, my team was not allowed to meet on Monday. I had to sit for 2 days trying to figure out what to do. Which is harder than it sounds.

We planned on working today but the custodians ended up finishing their duties for the weekend yesterday so the school was locked. :mad:

We worked from about 3pm to 8pm today building prototypes and getting the camera to work right.