Who spent their holiday on FIRST?

Our team worked from 11 to about 6PM. We got all the sketches done and order all the parts we need and probably build friday and saturday this week. Got FINALS TO STUDY FOR!!! WED-FRI. We also got the camera totally caliberated and thats gtg. I am still working on animation after finishing storyboarding today. This years animation is going to be easy, but cool.

we worked from 1-9 and was hopin that since it was raining that we got locked in so we could work longer

team 125 was in the lab finilizing designs from 12pm-6pm, then we went to a design review infront of our sponsors engineers and other mech engineers from the machine shop that is helpin us with our chassis, over all a 10 hour day for us!

Yea Right work on robot with out having to go to class is more like it

my team decided not to work today…so me and my buds went snowboarding. :slight_smile:

Our team work from 9-6 yesterday. Yea we really dont know what a holiday is, besides being at robotics, during build season. :yikes:

4 day weekend=building from 10-4 every day!

my team could not meet by school rules because me have mid terms all this week :frowning:

Not only did we work MLK Day (after the parade of course), but for the Texas Regionals in Houston, the competition is on my wedding anniversary! As last year, my wife has graciously agreed to attend the FIRST competition with me on our anniversary. I plan to make her a small green glowing target broach as an anniversary gift…

all you guys can get into your workshops…
we are limeted to the schools workshop so we must comply to their rules.

the earliest we can come in is 6:00 PM. (on weekdays)
and becaus MLKD was a no school day… no robotics :frowning: