who thinks that 74,68,9 were a good alliance

i think that we did well until one match that we could stay on there and i think that we could of went all the way with it if we were on. i big thanks to 74 and 68 for picking us and begins good partners.

me thinks we did a good job…but we just came up too short.

oh well…we’ll try to redeem ourselves at IRI…if we go.

dude, we were an awesome alliance w/o a doubt. I know this only worked out by luck, but it was incredibly sweet during the the 2nd match of the qfinals where during auton 68 only tied the other bots to the top of the ramp, but then 9 comes up and hits them squarely in the back, giving them enough power to push our opponents out of the way and the boxes into our scoring zone. It was sweet.