Who uses neopets.com?

I was wondering if anyone here frequents neopets.com . Anyone who does, be sure to post here, because I have an offer for anyone who’s interested. What me and a few of my friends are doing is we pool all of our neopoints into on account (mine) and basically, the advantages to this are thus. 1) I can upgrade the account much more frequently, 2) it collects a heck of alot more interest, and 3) since I already have over 200K in there, all you need to do is send me an email if you want points, weapons, food, or whatever. Also, it does NOT violate any website rules, as I have checked with the administrators. If you’re interested, reply! I’ll give the details if anyone cares to see how it works. In only a few days, our account (I use my own and four others accounts) went from 16K to over 200K!