Who was the best bot in Daly division?

Hey guys! My team and I are having some debates as to what should’ve been the final ranking of robots based on skill and scoring. They don’t fully agree in Statbotics but they’ll believe in any other team’s scouting. Anyone have their own personal ranking list they could share? Thanks!

1325 :point_up:


Personally I thought 695 was the best bot on Daly. They were followed very closely by 1325 or 4613 depending on what was more important to you.


I also think it was 695 they’ve been impressive all year.

There’s probably 4-5 other teams that I think could have an argument but I don’t think 695 had a single bad match the entire time on Daly.

We just had a deceivingly deep division.


I don’t do scouting or analysis - I just like helping build these robots….so I’m not even sure there’s agreement on what constitutes “best”
I took a peak at stuff on TBA and found this though:

Yeah- the scouting list that my team came up with looked somewhat like this- pretty sure because of human error our list actually showed 695 to be lower than expected.

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Stryke Force, Strike Zone, or really an Michigan team in my biased opinion! Whenever a Michigan team would win a match on Einstein, my team would chant “FIM, FIM, FIM, FIM, FIM!…”


Everyone slept on 5460… they were straight cookin’ on einstien.

  1. This opinion is extremely biased.

5460, 125, and 870


Are you asking who was the best bot or who would I most like to have on my alliance? The answer may not be the same…


5460 was incredible! Although I’ll always chuckle when I look back at 2:28 Qualification 30 - 2023 FIM District Macomb Community College Event presented by DTE - YouTube.
(Also no, it didn’t hurt, they knocked out 1 singular LED, which we gave their pit crew as a trophy.)


who had the best bot in your opinion?

Im not the OP but now Im curious, what are the differences for this game specifically that would make you not want a team on your alliance? Is it the standard loading zones preference/auto sides, or do you paint a bigger picture?

Lot of good teams here, but I’m astounded that 4613 hasn’t been mentioned. They had the highest teleop high-side of any team at the even by a solid 2-3 gamepieces, plus a 3 piece bump side and ridiculously small frame to match. It was pretty clearly the most formidable offensive robot in the field, and they proved that by getting the # 1 overall pick and sending their alliance to division finals. I meant to check them out after the event to see what sort of wizardry they’re doing with their drivetrain to (a) achieve the speeds that my uncalibrated eyeballs tell me must be in the 25 fps range and (b) do so without even occasionally tumbling across the field.

Other mentions:

I didn’t know 695 coming in, but they COOKED! And with one of the simplest bots of this season. I always get a sense of relief when I see a bot with a few robust DOFs that makes good use of its space and doesn’t look like a nightmare to maintain. I’m sure that’s part of the build philosophy that made them one of the bullet-proof reliable teams that everybody wanted to play with and nobody wanted to go against.

4206 was regularly scoring 12-13 gamepieces between their teleop cube-tossing strategy and 3 piece bump side auto. When they were still on the board for us to select from the 7 seed, we took a big strategic risk by not picking 2363, and they did not let us down for one second. Truly prepared, friendly and amazing team on and off the field. We enjoyed a little bit of friendly ribbing between our matches with/against them during quals and a super cohesive and synergistic playoffs alliance on Saturday.

Speaking of 2363, their dual jointed arm put them in the top 5 robots in just about any scoring metric, according to our data. They were incredibly smooth and consistent in teleop, placing north of 8 gamepieces most matchs, and with their 3 piece smooth side and 2 piece “dirty” side autos to fit into any alliance.

Our scouts came up with a pseudonym for 4795: Budget Barker. Their mid-only (for cones at least) bot was a force to be reckoned with as they regularly placed 10+ gamepieces, often totally under the radar. They capped off some heavy teleop firepower with a small frame to make triple balancing easy and a 2 gamepiece auto… THROUGH THE CHARGE STATION! They’re the real deal, keep an eye out for 'em next year.


We were pit neighbors with Barker - they use a 12 falcon swerve with modified mk4is to get around 23fps. Their 86lbs weight meant they got up to that speed real fast.



They also mentioned that they were possibly going to use pose estimation to slow down the robot before it bumps into any walls, as otherwise it would be very difficult to control at those speeds.

no love for 2590?