Who was the top "Cycler" for 2013

Ok everyone…who in your opinion was the best hard working consistent cycler for 2013, not full court shooter, not 30 point climber, not 30 point hang-4 disk dump, not floor pick up , just your basic work-horse, most consistent, 4-disk shooting cycler for Ultimate Ascent? :cool:

701 was a great cycler in my opinion (Though I may be a tad biased). They were very consistent at Sacramento and Colorado and were a top scorer.

973 was also a very good, quick cycler. They did have a floor pickup, but didn’t use it much. They were amazingly consistent and quick at the Central Valley Regional. I didn’t see them at LA but they were still very fast and very accurate at Silicon Valley and on Archimedes.

1662, (again a little biased) was AMAZINGLY quick and accurate and hands-down the best cycler at Sacramento. It’s a shame they didn’t make it to Championships, I really think they deserved it. An 80-pound bot that was “zippy” as Michael described it.

I think 868 would be the most solid contender for that title

I’d also toss in 11 into that hat, but that’s a bit biased :rolleyes:

There are many many good cyclers, but the two that stand out to me are 610 and 973.

610 had a FCS, and a floor pickup at Waterloo, but very rarely did they use either of them.

973 also has a floor pickup that they rarely used. The fact that they were so tall didn’t hold them back.

Without a doubt it’s 610. They were basically immune to defense, loaded quickly, scored quickly, and drove well. A lot of great cyclers this year, but 610 was the best.

The thing about cycling is that it comes down to driver, 610’s driver was literally unreal. I heard from someone who asked one of 610’s mentors why they didn’t just full court shoot. And he replied saying “we could, but our driver has gotten so used to cycling quickly, that we can drain the disks more consistently cycling”. :ahh: Driver credits right there.

Well ill just throw a couple teams out there I think could qualify. First off there is 862 Lightning Robotics, then my own team (1718) I say this because of our accuracy and how our driver made it through the heavy defense we received, there is 68 Truck town thunder, also I am unsure if 1114 would count since they could climb for 30 also, but ill mention them as well. Some of these are a little biased since Im from Michigan

I didn’t mention 610 cause they did have the FCS ability. But if we’re ignoring that then yeah for sure 610. If OP wanted opinions of best pure cycler with only cycling ability I’d say 868 still, which is what I thought OP meant.

In my opinion I would say 228 was the best cycler that I saw in person. They where very fast and agile making defense not really an issue. One time I saw then get 6.5 loads back and forth only missing two frisbee the entire time

Guys wait until we get to IRI 868 is a force their speed is just unreal

I’d say that the best cycler this season was 245. See for yourselves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yurCUSSoyNQ

Lots of great cyclers, but a few that stood out to me were 245, 868 and 610.

868 and 245 were fantastic cyclers. However, if you disregard 1114’s 30/50 point climb, they were also just as good at cycling.


1114 at GTRE (before there 30 point was ready) was beating out other robots in pure speed which was cool to watch. There feeder was also really fast.

At the MN State Championship, 2052 was one of the best cyclers I’ve seen during the season.

245 610 1114 and 469 if you count them.

One of the best unsung cyclers in Archimedes was 1334. Point for point, second for second, they may have been a better cycler than climber.

I’d say of robots that could ONLY cycle- not FCS, not climb past 10, not pick up off the ground- the best would be 868.

Now if the question was what robot is the best at cycling, it becomes a toss-up between a number of great robots (868, 469, 1114, 987, 610, etc.)

Well of course I am biased, but our little bot didn’t do bad as far as cycling. 98% auto and averaged almost 70 points a match with 86% teleop. No floor pickup, and while we could do full court it was not our forte, cause we were short and easily blocked, but we could do it.

You guys WERE really good. In our scouting data you were nearly equal to both 868 and 126 in Archimedes.
The three of you, as well as 4265, were the best pure cyclers in Archimedes (and somehow you were the last pick! What a steal!)