Who went to the Hall of Fame and what did you think of it? (2005)

You like?

I actually talked to Jess Jankowitsch a lot there. I really enjoyed it.

Seeing what these teams made me really inspired to think of new ideas. I hear a lot about these Championship winners, but then I am never sure what they actually do. Seeing those pictures and presentatinos made me so proud and happy for those teams and they people they effect.

It was really well organized. It was right in the front, and easy to access, without making the general pit area wierdly crowded. I enjoyed it immensely.

Although I didn’t have enough time to have a good gander in the Hall of Fame, I liked what I saw. Everyone’s displays were professional and it was nice to see how these amazing teams actually won FIRST’s most prestigious award. I am looking forward to Team 67’s display because I am sure that it will be HOT! (Black background with flames :))

To add another part to the question, do you think there is any way to improve it?
Personally I think they should line the outside of the Hall of Fame with the 30+ Chairman’s Award submissions (a symbolic representation of team trying to get in and it exposed people to the great work these teams do).

I really liked it. 120’s impressed me just because of the thought put into it. I also liked 103’s too.

Personally I’d like to see it be a requirement that all teams’ CA submissions, winners or not, be posted at each event. It’s difficult to emulate a CA-caliber team if you don’t know what that team is doing. I can see all the teams’ websites if I choose to; I can see all the teams’ animations if I want to; I can see all the robots at a competition if I desire to. I can learn from everyone else. But I can’t see everyone’s CA submission? Ridiculous! PLEASE, Hall of Famers, try to get your area moved to a better location - many of us can’t travel to the pits easily, many visitors never go there, your work is being hidden from a lot of attendees.

I wanted it moved upstairs into the convention center hallways(but it is in a much better spot this year) so more people could see it. Perhaps next year it could be even closer.

If we can get a tent erected in a prime location by a sponsor to showcase automobiles, we should be able to get a tent erected in a prime location by a sponsor to showcase Chairman’s Award winners.

I liked the set up this year, it was very nice and like said before in a much better location. I love the Hall of Fame in the pit area because now it is near VEX and FLL and that brings crowds in.
I would love to see each of the regional winners submissions posted there also. I would just love to see each of the other regional winners submissions somewhere HINT HINT Maybe having the HoF where all the college booths were could be a good idea.

Brandon created a section in the White Papers for teams to post their CA submissions. Instead of having to look at each team’s website, we thought it would be easier for teams to post them in one place. There are about twenty entries there right now, which means a lot of teams did not post one yet. This is a place for all submissions, not just winning entries, because we can all learn from one another.