Who were you in high school?

Now, I know there are a lot of great mentors and role models on here.

However, I think it would be interesting to hear who you were in high school? What “stereotype” did you fit in? (not all fit in one, just describe self at that time) Did you have many friends? What kinds of grades did you get? Any favorite classes? Least favorite classes? Tell a cool story from your “glory days”. Post a pic of yourself then. Who were your role models?

The above are just a few ideas to get your ideas going. Post anything and everything you think we would like to hear. I know a lot of you are out there, I would love to hear some responses from you mentors and coaches.

I was a nerd! fancy that.

Favorite classes: Auto Shop, Typing, Computers, and the math and science classes (which I finished by my junior year). I got good grades, somewhere around 3.9 (no such thing as 5 point classes back then). Only C I got was in a government/history type class, it was pretty boring.

I shouldn’t tell you all the story about the locks, my son already got suspended for a week because of that knowledge.

I was an overachiever, a slacker, and a band geek. Hence the username.

Yep, that’s right, both an overachiever and a slacker. I never studied, except for History, and that was usually sitting in lunch reading from my notebook a half hour before a test. I even had a teacher tell me she’d fail me a marking period for not doing homework - and then, actually did, when I didn’t change my habits. I took all honors classes, except for Chemistry and Pre-Calc. So 4 years of honors classes, and 2 AP classes means I had to prevail at something academically, right?

I was in Drama Club, Marching Band, Advanced Choir, Student Council, Red Cross Club, and Flute Choir. My flute choir was AWESOME. We got a perfect score at our State Teen Arts Festival and were invited to play at the NJEA Conference that year. I took classes like “Acting Workshop” and not because I thought it’d be an easy A. By the way, my class won Best Production at Buck’s County Playhouse for our one act that year. I was also in swimming and soccer (well, the latter was just my freshman year).

And the coolest story I have from high school? Actually, nothing beats my freshman year:

Coming to the end of the year, elections were up for Student Council. My best friend and I were both in it together, and she wanted to run for something too. I ran for Secretary, and she opted for Treasurer. We both figured, as freshman, we weren’t very likely to win the election, but it was the experience and getting our names out there early that was the point. The most awkward part was the reading a speech aloud over the PA system.

Anyway, I wanted to do something extraordinary to try and beat the junior girl I was running against. So, my mom and I found these bags of Blow Pops that were on sale. They were like 0.25 a bag, I guess it must’ve been a post Easter sale or something? Anyway, we bought like 5 bags and I made cheesy “Vote for me” slogans and attached them to EVERY stick on EVERY lollipop.

So, I’m walking around the cafeteria trying to give out these lollipops to everyone who’s not a senior (seniors don’t get to vote for the next year’s candidates). Being a freshman, it was hard to know who was really in what grade. So some kid, who I knew was a senior, came up to me and asked for a blow pop. After explaining that I didn’t want to give them to seniors because I couldn’t earn their vote, I caved anyway and gave him one.

He came back a few minutes later and asked if he could have a whole bunch so his friends could have some. I shrugged, and gave them out, because I figured I still had at least 200 lollipops left, so what if I “wasted” 10 or so. Well, this guy said he’d tell his underclassmen friends to make sure they voted for me because I was so nice to them.

I won the election by a HUGE landslide. I got 4x the votes of the junior girl I was up against.

Okay, and now the laughter part. Attached is a picture of me when I was a frosh. =)